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Another superb release from the True Blockhouse label

UK drum and bass outfit The Urban Mods have released what must be the shuffle anthem of the decade. The vocal is one of the most infectious we’ve ever heard with the title of the track ‘Your Love Is Mine’ being sung over a rasping bassline that in itself weaves its way through a stomping D&B break. Two plays and you’re hooked. It’s like proper ear-candy folks.

Already being picked up by pirate radio in the UK – it’s very possibly a break-out for European radio as well. Will it do so well over here in the states? I’m not so sure. Perhaps it’s a little too progressive for mainstream EDM tastes. But then is that such a bad thing? I love its urban aggressive originality.

Mark Wright AKA DJPressureM is behind this tune aided by seasoned vocalist ADAAM with the track written & co-produced by Jezz Wright – past credits include various 90’s anthems by Liquid, G-Force, SMPTE, blockhouse (we think he probably knows his stuff!)

Their label, True Blockhouse, are also releasing this as a vinyl inspired data CD disc, containing three ultra-high definition audio mixes. The catch? You can only purchase with the cryptocurrency Dogecoin (we said they were different!!) Head over to www.dogedisc.com to pre-order.

So yes, we predict big things for this group – if only they could find their way to L.A and ‘big up the massive’ over here. Your Love Is Mine by The Urban Mods is out now on True Blockhouse – and available everywhere that streams or downloads.

More info on The Urban Mods at www.trueblockhouse.com

Order Here: http://smartlinks.cygnusmusic.net/l/5056412762376/60f12b8f7be3bd3e050d4ef5

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/search/the%20urban%20mods


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