Andreas Pareli: “I Long for You” brings mood and magic

The Norwegian artist Andreas Pareli (Helge Andreas Pareli Notland) who sings as well as plays the piano and guitar has released his brand new song entitled “I Long for You”, which again sticks within the  Kizomba romantic slow rhythm style. The song which has a dreamy feel is about longing for your loved one. “The lyrics are as important to me as the song, and the music should be a mirror of the words as a whole,” says Pareli. Contrasting nature is used as symbolic and metaphors: “Dance like a river”, “Feel I’m dancing with a fire, and I can’t get you out of my mind”. Pareli also uses the elements such as fire, water (river), and other nature functions, to describe the elements of love and a relationship.

These elements can also be found in the video clip which further enhances the atmosphere and emotion of the song. “To me visuals are also important, says Pareli. “So I like to make music videos to reflect what’s in the music.”

The music video which was filmed and produced by Kreative Produksjoner, uses advanced techniques such as double exposure in motion, drone filming and green screen. The song itself was produced in Tomtomstudio in Bergen, Norway and mastered by Sage Audio in the U.S.A..

Besides all the technicalities, Andreas Pareli is pure sultry bliss. His orchestrations really enhance his voice and he just seems to roll effortlessly over each note. As on all of his songs, The romance and passion that Pareli brings with his music is unparalleled. You feel your hips sway and your head tip back as his enchanting voice takes you away. He brings mood, magic and takes you to a time and place you once held in memory.

Music or movie reviews are very subjective, and I do not claim to be above that in any way. What I think should be focused on is the music. Is it good? Is it deep? Is it something that the listener can tell was crafted and cared over, rather than just thrown together to make a quick buck?

For me, the answer to all of the above questions is very much positive. This is a great single. As a love song it is poignant, melodic and hits home, and overall has a large amount of depth and feeling. To any newcomer to Pareli’s music, if you are a person who can appreciate music that comes from someone’s soul, describes emotional events in that someone’s life, and still has a beat that will put you in a good place after listening to it, then “I Long for You”, is a track that will satisfy your curiosity.

The instrumentation, chord changes and melody create interest and emotion, often going where you wouldn’t expect. Andreas Pareli voices his experiences rather than just his talent, while “I Long for You” is a track you can relate to in one way or another; it really focuses on the intimacy and longing rather than the fiery moments of love.

Those who have experienced all aspects of love can expect this track to serve as a form of therapy when it comes to their relationship, and with a soulful voice like Pareli’s, it makes for a soothing listen too.


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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