3Mind Blight – “Silenced By The Sound” – an aching introspective song!

You probably think you know precisely what 3Mind Blight’s single, “Silenced By The Sound” is going to sound like. To date, the award winning artist, musician and songwriter’s previous excursions have been exercises in expansive variety, crossing from Metal, Orchestral and Rock, to Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, and Alt Rock. It takes all of about 10 seconds of listening to this latest brilliant extracurricular outing, to realize 3Mind Blight is very much heading in a different direction here.  “Silenced By The Sound”, is once again a window into seeing the capabilities of 3Mind Blight, and how he can instantly remove himself away from the music that so many people associate him with.

On “Silenced By The Sound”, 3Mind Blight explores everything he usually does, in a completely different manner acoustically, and it works wonders. There is one thing that 3Mind Blight does do plenty of with his other projects, and that is creating emotion through his music. Despite releasing stripped down acoustic driven material here, you most certainly experience that very same sensation.

“Silenced By The Sound” becomes a whole different realm, in terms of the music that 3Mind Blight creates, but it still retains all of the soul-searching and afflictive concepts that are found on his previous projects. It is easy to say that it is one of the most beautiful tracks in his catalog of incredible music. Tearing away from the use of acoustic guitars, we are left with an aching introspective song, showing us the emotion that 3Mind Blight is capable of injecting into a track.

“Tear me open, and tell me who it is you see,” sings 3Mind Blight, as he opens up his psyche for all of us to peer into. The track sweeps gently but determinately, displaying some of 3Mind Blight most mature songwriting. This is beautiful music, derived from a troubled soul, who has inherited a special gift from the sky and translated it into a pliable and empathetic musical experience for his fans.

Most of us gravitate towards 3Mind Blight’s music because of his integrity and authenticity. Both are at the core of his art. We are also attracted to how he deals with struggles and afflictions in his music, as we pour our own adversities into the listening experience. The result is a very honest, raw, and earnest song. The lyrics are in your face and very personal, even coming from 3Mind Blight.

“I’m silenced by the sound of these thoughts inside my head. On a path that I have found from this life that I have left.” As “Silenced By The Sound” continues, you begin to feel the raw emotion that 3Mind Blight has put into the record. However you interpret his lyrics, you hear the testimony about difficult choices, bad experiences and impossible solutions. “Silenced By The Sound” offers an even richer look into the spirit and psyche of a prolific, and dedicated musician.

The musical formula 3Mind Blight has used in “Silenced By The Sound”, is impactful, and will resonate with listeners, due to the expression of the heartfelt lyrics, and the slow-burning, more intimate vibe of the music. Great records are usually created by a certain set of circumstances that are nearly impossible to replicate. This rule does not seem to apply to 3Mind Blight, who gets the equation just right on every single release.


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