DIGITAL ANTIQUE: “II” An Organic Post-Rock Treasure

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Digital Antique is an instrumental indie rock band that consists of cinematic driven compositions. The band is made up of clean and dirty electric guitar, melodic style bass riffs, syncopated rhythmic drums, and a string quartet of seasoned musicians that have played all over the world. It's progressive in nature by using unique and changing time signatures and tempo. They also incorporate visual projections during their performances that tell stories with imagery and create a multimedia experience.

Digital Antique are, simply put, amazing. They do not employ over-long, ambling songs, often affiliated with this genre. Instead almost all their musical compositions run the gamut of emotion and tempo within five minutes flat. This band is the next generation of post-modern rock.

At times they'll be quiet and brooding and then suddenly explode into a wall of sound crescendos, with guitars meeting a string quartet and rhythmic drums. Digital Antique literally create images in your head with their complex soundscapes and they manage to do so without the aid of vocals or lyrics.

The lack of vocals actually allows the listener to concentrate purely on the music. Fans of Mogwai, Tortoise, and Godspeed You Black Emperor will, in particular, be blown away by this band, but comparisons shouldn't be relied upon too heavily since Digital Antique has truly forged their own sound amidst a sea of clichés in the current music world.

Through my eyes, whatever emotion you are feeling before you play this record is only added to, by the masterpieces of the songs found here; sadness, bliss, ecstasy, despair…

This bands ability to fuel emotions and thought patterns is quite astounding, I feel that every song will have a personal effect on anyone who listens to it. The gentle lull and lilt of the tempered basslines, lifting your soul. The strings yearning, driving, seeking and moving onwards, only to be overcome by the intensity of a harsh guitar riff. Defiant and wonderful, the crescendo of the drums. This is rock inspired music for the soul, for the mind and for the spirit.

“II” is a raw, organic post-rock treasure, beautifully arranged and produced, that comes along once in a lifetime. At least as far as indie music recordings are concerned, this is a complete rarity.

If you are in, or are getting into post-modern rock, this cd is an essential addition to your collection, as it contains great instrumentals in the style of Mogwai and Godspeed You Black Emperor, without the quirkiness and self indulgences those bands have.

Filled by collection of ten musical gemstones, this album is worth buying for two tracks alone; “Horsepower” and “Cali,” which shine through like sparkling diamonds.

On the other hand, if you simply love music that is both beautiful and poignantly powerful, this is your absolute nexus. A must for post-rock fans and a worthwhile endeavor for anyone else.

Members/Instruments: Travis Kennedy – Guitar, James Parker Randolph – Bass, Payton Holekamp – Drums, Dixie Yoder – Viola, Joseph Shuffield – Violin 1, Annette Franzen – Violin 2, Cello – Alternating cast

Production: The album was independently recorded, mixed, and produced by Travis Kennedy.  Kennedy is currently working under world famous mixing engineer Tim Palmer who mixed such records as Pearl Jam “Ten.” The Digital Antique album was recorded at several of the top studios in Austin including , Churchhouse Studios, Yellow Dog Studios, Studio 1916, and AM Stereophonic. The album was mixed at Tim Palmer's private studio ('62 Studio).

DIGITAL ANTIQUE playing live.


DIGITAL ANTIQUE: "II" An Organic Post-Rock Treasure, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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