Matthew Browning: “Underneath the Willow Tree” – an absolute opus!

Based in Colorado Springs, CO, Matthew Browning blends post-progressive rock with theatrical overtones, engaging the listener with both emotional and spiritual depth. Matthew, who has been creating music since he was old enough to crawl, has a background in formal music theory and composition. He has just released the official music video for the epic track, “Underneath the Willow Tree”. Browning pulls off his sound as few other other modern visionaries could, infusing his unique aural trademarks and mysterious, intriguing themes, into cherished templates that were laid out decades ago. In other words, its perfected emulation mixed with progressive evolution, and some of the most gripping songwriting of our time.

Browning’s newest opus ultimately stands as one of his most cohesive, unique, touching, diverse, and fascinating songs yet. “Underneath the Willow Tree” can even be considered more expansive, confident and accessible than its predecessors.

To thoroughly enjoy this song, you need to sit down in your easy chair and relax, and let the music sink it. It is not your usual piece of thumping vinyl, ready to be devoured and enjoyed. It will ask for a piece of your soul first, only then it will deliver.

Frankly, this time Matthew Browning’s tune really got my attention straight from the start. And it is an amazing production: The crystal clear and crisp multilayered orchestrated style, used to structure and produce the track, perfectly aligned to the theme and overall mood of the record is mind-boggling.

Without further ambiguity aficionados can call this an epic, spiritual rock n’ roll journey, a progressive melting pot of contrasting emotions – but a modern masterpiece wouldn’t be an understatement either.

If you have any empathy in your heart, then at some juncture “Underneath the Willow Tree” is even bound to make you weep. Perhaps the biggest aspect of this track that really impresses happens to be how it shows off all of the musical sides of Matthew Browning.

Whether it be his progressive rock side, more melodic side, his storytelling side or his atmospheric arranging side, it truly is a culmination of all of Browning’s work. This track certainly proves how the man can easily hold his own as a solo artist.

Chock full of wistful string arrangements, contemplative keyboards, and warm guitar arpeggios, a powerful and adventurous epic slowly unfolds into a heartrending and emotional listening experience.

To top it all off, Browning’s vocal and lyrical work is top notch, in a manner that sounds both intriguing and gloriously resonating. “Underneath the Willow Tree”, which comes off the “Love & Grief” album, is one of the most meticulously composed pieces in the Matthew Browning catalogue.

“Underneath the Willow Tree” is a very entertaining song, and not just because it’s an eloquent and extravagant spectacle of creativity, but because it also offers a narrative that poses some profound existential questions.

This is one of many songs that introduces a whole new level of technical and introspective thinking from Matthew Browning. The accompanying video perfectly addresses the song’s narrative, delivering some spectacular imagery for a stunning audiovisual experience. Musically, this is about as good as it gets in 2019!


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