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Doug Cash – “Is You” oozes with style, charm, and profundity

The new studio single Is You” from singer- songwriter, and CEO / Owner of Pryor 2 What? Records and Music Publishing, Doug Cash, is a brilliantly crafted folk-soul track that will instantly brighten your day. Doug has proven once again that he is absolutely excellent at crafting some incredible organic music. It’s a breezy acoustic guitar-driven tune that has no missteps. It all opens up masterfully with the minimal instrumentation and gentle percussion. It sounds like nothing you would hear on your mainstream radio, and that’s meant to be a high compliment.

The instrumental, as well as the incredibly mellifluous vocals from Doug Cash, come together to make one heck of a memorable tune. The lyrics are excellent, oozing with style, charm, and profundity, clearly the reason Doug Cash is so easily adored as a singer-songwriter. “Water down and plant the seeds, living here amongst the weeds. Every day is like the last. Your future has become your past. The seams have freed and all we really need to be is true. Abandoned fears redeemed you’re now in gear, and all you really need to be is you,” cites the opening verse of the song.

It’s no easy feat for Doug Cash to emerge into the modern music world of thunderous bombast, devilish studio trickery and maximalist productions, cultivating an organic style that’s always been, and still is, refreshingly original, yet now aggravatingly niche, which makes his every attempt to interact with it so thrilling. In this comforting sonic environment free from performing pretense or technical deception, Doug delivers music that is pure and heartfelt.

None of the above will come as a surprise to anyone who has paid close attention to the performing and production themes and motifs of Doug Cash’s previous work. Doug’s songs are compelling by virtue of the fact that they are so unique in an overly homogenous landscape. Is You”, is a song that is the magnificence of Doug Cash in microcosm, all wrapped up in three minutes and twenty-nine seconds. This is a grown-up, fully formed song, as opposed to the glued together shards of pop music’s extravagant frippery.



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