Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni – “Black Silk” lies somewhere between progressive and symphonic rock!

I know that epic progressive instrumental rock music isn’t for everyone but it’s hard to deny the impressive instrumentation and the complex arrangement on the single, “Black Silk”, by the Italian composer, Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni. The track is less neo classic orientated than his previous works and much more driven rhythmically. Production wise everything sounds amazing. Bazzoni is one of those special artists that appear just ever so rarely. A true innovator of style, master of his craft, and a pioneer of musical fusion.

The single, “Black Silk” succeeds by drawing on the three primary musical sensibilities that Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni particularly excels at: symphonic, prog, and cinematic. Although this time round, prog-rock is at the center of the discourse. Keyboard grooves, racy time signatures, epic sonic build-ups that culminate in aural satisfaction, and incredible complex passages tapped, swept, and picked are all marks of the progressive element that weaves itself around the core of “Black Silk”.

Of course, there is metal shell that is not to be ignored either. Highlighting the blistering speeds at which all of the instrumentation moves, while navigating the arrangement with incredible ease. While Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni shows here that he has essentially always been an astounding composer technically, musically, and functionally, “Black Silk” is also the shard of evidence that tells us that this is an artist who is still evolving.

Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni almost uses the track as a signpost that reads, “If you think this is good, just look ahead,” as he continues carving out his niche in the instrumental world, creating another track bursting with power, creativity and poise. “Black Silk” is his most crushingly potent track by far, and it leans much more closer to the rock world, than it does to the symphonic.

Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni has always set his goals high on each record, and subsequently exceeded them. That pattern continues with “Black Silk”. It’s loud, sharply written, concise, memorable, and its performance feels fully fleshed out. Bazzoni has developed a unique brand of instrumental wizardry all of his own that lies somewhere between progressive and symphonic rock. The relentless nature of the new single showcases an evolved mentality of songwriting and arrangement, which results in the best of both worlds.

At this point, Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni’s musical identity has been well-established. It’s difficult not to appreciate his music, at least to some degree, even if you don’t love the genre, because you’d be hard-pressed to find something blatantly wrong with its core. Bazzoni could have chosen to pursue the path of his previous pleasures, but on “Black Silk”, he has thrown new ingredients into the mix and it’s a lot more spicier.

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