Dezvelkito drops the official video for IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LOVE

A filmmaker, writer, singer, biochemist, spiritual healer, spa developer and entrepreneur, Dezvelkito has long recognized that love is somewhat transactional. Not so much in the sense of just doing things for a loved one when something in return is guaranteed but rather in light of the golden rule, which says: do unto others as you would have them do towards you. That’s how we create a better environment wherein love for all can flourish. In most cases, love will give us what we need to prosper in this life. It’s something Dezvelkito fully understands.

“It’s time to evolve the way we love one another,” says Dezvelkito, and he expresses that feeling in his latest song IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LOVE, which is supported by an official video release. Using his vocal prowess and unfiltered lyrical commentary, the singer graces our ears with an inspirational and uplifting tune. The song utilizes Dezvelkito’s greatest strengths as an artist – namely the catchy warmth of his music and the unforced versatility of his baritone voice.

Dezvelkito brings music that has been missing from the industry. He is authentic and writes songs that many people can relate to. He allows his listeners to feel every emotion possible. His smooth tone brings instant peace to the ears. He has a unique sound that distinguishes him from any other R&B singers. Dezvelkito has a deep, rich tone that naturally flows through any beat. He is an extremely talented artist whose music comes through as being honest and unpretentious.


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