Bonzo Squad – “F*** Comcast” – a song inspired by bad customer service!

Bonzo Squad is nothing short of a bombastic bunch of talented musicians who smoke on their instruments like no one’s business. Their track “F*** Comcast” hits all the right buttons for me. An awesome fusion of jazz, rock, funk and a hint of Weather Report meets Return To Forever. They pack a mighty rhythmic punch, with keys and brass providing extra color and texture. It’s not surprising that Bonzo Squad make a big noise.

I like to think of Bonzo Squad as updating the fusion tradition for the 21st century, with the emphasis on the collective endeavors, rather than individual grandstanding. All of the group’s virtues are embodied in “F*** Comcast”, with its mighty bass grooves, punchy horns and exotic keyboard sounds allied to the fiery drums.

The arrangement on “F*** Comcast” provides a seemingly unstoppable momentum. This richly layered and detailed performance retains the listeners’ attention while maintaining a high level of excitement. This song will flare up and grab your ear in the time it takes a YouTube ticker to count down from 5 seconds.

“F*** Comcast” is a song Andrew Lawrence wrote a year or two ago, inspired by real life events.

The Players:

Corbin Andrick – Saxophones

Andrew Lawrence – Keyboards

Andrew Vogt – Bass

Zack Marks – Drums

Composed by Andrew Lawrence

Drums recorded by Evan Salvacion Levine at Fort Knox Studios

All other parts recorded at home in quarantine

All video recorded by Bonzo Squad

Mixed by Matt Bones and Andrew Lawrence

Mastered by Andrew Vogt

Video by Corbin Andrick

Special thanks to Comcast. Without their terrible customer service, this song wouldn’t exist.

Connect with Bonzo Squad on INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE

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