INTERVIEW: Join us as we unravel the mysteries of “Exclusive Vampire” with Trap Goose

Congratulations on the release of “Exclusive Vampire”! We are thrilled to be joined by Trap Goose, the talented Trap and Hip-hop artist behind this remarkable album. “Exclusive Vampire” has already captured the attention of fans and critics alike with its dark and haunting themes, providing a glimpse into the depths of Trap Goose’s mind. With a substantial tracklist of 22 songs, Trap Goose has woven a tapestry of unique sounds and emotions, drawing inspiration from the world of vampires to create a musical journey unlike anything he has released before. Today, we have the opportunity to delve into the creative process behind this album, explore the collaborations that brought it to life, and gain insights into the artist’s growth and vision. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of “Exclusive Vampire” with Trap Goose himself.

  1. Congratulations on the release of “Exclusive Vampire”! How would you describe the overall theme and concept behind this album?

Trap Goose: The overall theme was to be dark and to show things inside my mind. The concept was to show how or maybe a vampire would be in real life or a fake one.

  1. What inspired the title “Exclusive Vampire” for the album, and how does it relate to the music and content within?

Trap Goose: Well Exclusive Vampire means I wanted to explore a new sound with that vamp kind of feeling, but my sound and this album display that it’s different from any songs or albums I’ve put out, and how it relates is through the songs and the vibe throughout the whole album.

  1. Trap Goose, can you share some insights into your creative process while working on this album? How did it differ from your previous works?

Trap Goose: I took this album way more seriously than any of my previous albums and my creative process was listening to a lot of Lil Peep and Playboi Carti and trying to mix both of their sounds into my sound.

  1. “Exclusive Vampire” consists of 22 tracks. What motivated you to include such a substantial number of songs on this particular album?

Trap Goose: Well I’ve been working on this album for a long time and all these songs were mixed and mastered very well. I wanted to pack an album full of different sounds and characteristics into a bundle of music and my lucky number has always been 22.

  1. The album features 13 tracks that are produced by 9lives Mixmaster. How did this collaboration come about, and what did 9lives bring to the table in terms of the album’s sound?

Trap Goose: I met 9lives through SoundCloud and we ended up doing a song the day we met, it was called Night City and he loved my sound and the way I rap. I loved his mixing and mastering and we just came together like it was destiny.

  1. Tell us about the track produced by both 9lives and Notrace. What was it like working with two producers on a single song, and how did their styles complement each other?

Trap Goose: Ghost is a very good song, I loved the beat and 9lives links with a lot of people online and does beats with them. He sent me this one and I just loved it and flowed on it so easily.

  1. Who produced the other 8 tracks on the album?

Trap Goose: Tailand, Tjnotico, Kingwizrd, and Jbyss all helped with the rest of the songs.

  1. With 22 tracks, were there any particular challenges you faced during the production process, and how did you overcome them?

Trap Goose: Yes, I would get very tired and frustrated, It was a lot of takes and redo’s on this album. The songs were very tough though. Off the top of my head, usually, I try to write but on this album, I didn’t write any lyrics for the songs.

  1. As a Trap and Hip-hop artist, how would you say your style and sound have evolved in “Exclusive Vampire” compared to your earlier works?

Trap Goose: The beats were way better and the songs were just great quality and were nice to listen to. Some made me sad, mad, or super hyper which just led me to more inspirational ideas.

  1. Running through the tracklist we didn’t notice any featured artists or collaborators, which is unusual for a modern album, especially considering the number of tracks. Was that a deliberate choice, and if so, why?

Trap Goose: On my next album I will be doing features, for this album I wanted to show that I could do a significant body of songs all by myself and that I could make all the songs sound good on my own.

  1. Among the 22 tracks, do you have a personal favorite or one that holds special significance for you? If yes, could you share the story behind it?

Trap Goose: ‘Come On’ is my favorite song I say a lot of real stuff on that song and just things I’ve been through and the point of the song come on is just me saying come on like when is my time going to come to blow up or for people to notice my sound.

  1. Can you share some details about the cover art for the album? What message were you trying to convey through the visual representation?

Trap Goose: Slayr helped me with the album cover, I love Interview With a Vampire and wanted it to kinda have that same vibe and just to look older and more like a vampire vibe to it.

  1. Vampire imagery often carries symbolic meaning. How did you incorporate the theme of vampires into the album’s music and lyrics?

Trap Goose: Vampires are dark and creepy creatures and I just felt like putting dark and creepy feelings into this album and saying things people don’t like or wanna hear because vampires seem evil to people but I think they’re just mistaken and different.

  1. Did you experiment with any new musical elements, sounds or styles in “Exclusive Vampire”? If so, what inspired you to explore these directions?

Trap Goose: I tried to do darker and deeper voices on this album to express my different sounds and to fill the songs with more vibes and sounds instead of just me rapping fast bars.

  1. In your opinion, which track from “Exclusive Vampire” best showcases your growth as an artist and your ability to connect with your audience?

Trap Goose: I would have to say ‘Hollywood Dreaming’ or ‘Exclusive Vampire’ showed my flow and sound.

  1. Are there any behind-the-scenes stories or anecdotes from the recording or production of the album that you’d like to share?

Trap Goose: When I made the first song White Girl that song came from me making a preset I made for this album while I was drinking and it just pretty much turned into a perfect night.

  1. As an artist, how important do you think it is to stay true to your artistic vision while also catering to the expectations of your fans?

Trap Goose: It’s good to stay very true and to be honest with your fans. I just wanted to show my fans something new and a better body of music compared to my other albums.

  1. What did, or do you personally find most satisfying or rewarding about the overall experience of creating and releasing “Exclusive Vampire”?

Trap Goose: I felt rewarded when I showed people how many songs I made on my own and just how many people were messing with it and said it was really good and people just were impressed with the whole album.

  1. “Exclusive Vampire” was released on July 1st. How has the response been so far, and what kind of feedback have you received from your fans and critics?

Trap Goose: Everyone that has listened has said it’s the best body of music I’ve made and that it’s a whole vibe and people just love it overall it’s a great album.

  1. What can we expect from Trap Goose in the future? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations you can tease us about?

Trap Goose: Yes I’m dropping a deluxe for this album with around 10 songs or less and then after that another big album with a lot of well-known features and just overall will be an even better album than this one.


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