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Exclusive interview with BreeAnna Marie who releases the single “For You”

She is a model, actress, singer/songwriter, fashionista, director, and all around entertainer. Atlanta’s very own BreeAnna Marie is capable of doing it all. Born and raised from a long line of entertainers, the stage seems like a second home to the young, chic, compassionate, and determined performer. BreeAnna Marie began her career at age of 7, and since then, has embarked on her journey to the spotlight. The multi-talented songstress has a genuine love for music that goes far beyond anything else, and believes that she was “made to be heard”. Spending most of her time on stage, behind the scenes, and in the studio, BreeAnna Marie has just released her latest single, entitled “For You” and spoke to Jamsphere in an exclusive interview.

  1. When did you decide to take music seriously and how did you go about getting started?

BreeAnna Marie: I’ve always had a love for music, from as long as I could remember. I would fill my books with lyrics and songs that i would come up with and last year, I decided to actually start taking it serious. I went to the studio after writing a song and that’s when i ended up releasing my first single “For You”.

  1. Who were your first musical influences that you can remember?

BreeAnna Marie: Aaliyah, Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson to name a few.

  1. Which artists are you currently listening to?

BreeAnna Marie: If I opened my playlist right now, you would most likely see a little of everything to be honest. You’ll find R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Country and more.

  1. Have you ever had any formal training or are you completely self-taught?

BreeAnna Marie: I have not received any formal training. I am completely self-taught.

  1. What are your thoughts on visual media? Do you see video as purely a marketing tool or as a creative outlet for music?

BreeAnna Marie: As for my thoughts on visual media, I find that it helps execute the message of the song. It is a creative outlet for music and we as artists need it to share our vision.

  1. Which do you ultimately prefer? Entertaining a live audience or creating songs in a studio setting?

BreeAnna Marie: I enjoy being in the studio because I feel like it’s a second home to me! It’s one of my favorite places, I can create so much while I’m there. However, being in front of a live audience is fun too because I can connect with my audience and give them something to hear, as for sharing what I’ve created.

  1. Do you write the lyrics and music to your songs, or do you collaborate with other creative writers?

BreeAnna Marie: I personally write all the lyrics to my songs, every word.

  1. Tell us something about how the production of your single “FOR YOU” came about? And is this song dedicated to someone special?

BreeAnna Marie: The production of my single “For You” came about after hearing the beat. After listening to the beat, the words just came about. I wrote the song about a real situation, more so, the feelings that we sometimes get that I’ve also experienced before.

  1. Which ingredient do you think makes you special and unique as a performing artist in a business thriving with newcomers and wannabe divas?

BreeAnna Marie: I think I stand out not only because I write my own music, but because I go off of real situations, more so than just a song that people can “turn up” to. Those songs are great, but I also want to incorporate more than that. I want to have a real connection with my listeners. I want them to feel like I understand exactly what they go through, how they feel, and what they experience, because I have been there before too.

  1. If you were forced to choose only one, which emotion, more than any other drives you to be a part of this tough and sometimes cold-hearted business?

BreeAnna Marie: If I had to pick one, and only one, I would pick Anticipation. Anticipation is what mainly drives me to be a part of this business, regardless of how tough the business is.

  1. Which aspect of being an independent artist and the music making process excites you most and which aspect discourages you most?

BreeAnna Marie: The part that excites me the most would be when I’m in the studio because that’s when everything comes together. The part that slightly, but not really discourages me would probably be the “waiting period”, to see what everyone thinks about what I’ve come up with.

  1. How do you market and manage your music career? Do you have a management team or do you organize and control everything by yourself?

BreeAnna Marie: I have a great management team that helps me execute the vision that I have.

  1. Do you think being a female artist today is an advantage, or do you feel that the industry is still male-dominated and that female artists are still being discriminated or exploited in some way or other.

BreeAnna Marie: I don’t feel an advantage, nor a disadvantage. I feel comfortable in my own skin and what I’m doing. I feel like everyone is different in their own way. We all may possess qualities that the other artists may not have and everyone has a different taste in what they like to see or hear.

  1. What is the best piece of advice in this business you actually followed so far, and one you didn’t follow, but now know for sure that you should have?

BreeAnna Marie: I think I would have to say that the best piece of advice I’ve actually followed is to just take a risk. When entering the business, it can be scary at first, not knowing if you’re going to be heard or if anyone is going to like what you have to say, and with that being said, you won’t actually ever know until you actually take a risk and try something. In the end, we only regret the things we didn’t go for, right? So in that case, sometimes you have to just go for something that you really want. The piece of advice that I did not follow, but wish I did follow came from about three years ago. I was told to actually start singing back then and I said no, I wasn’t ready, so I didn’t take the advice. Now, I wish I started singing years ago.

  1. If someone has never heard your music, which keywords would you personally use to describe your overall sound and style?

BreeAnna Marie: I have an R&B/Pop style. If I had to pick a few words to describe my sound, I would probably say that my music is Catchy, Relatable, and Melodic.

  1. Do you consider Internet and all the social media websites as fundamental in building a career in music today, and what is your personal relationship with the new technology at hand?

BreeAnna Marie: I think technology is everything right now. I think it is very important when trying to build a career. Everyone is on social media and I think that it a fundamental key when trying to stay relevant and keep all your fans in the mix of what you’re working on.

  1. Where can fans find your latest single release, and are you working on more material for the near future?

BreeAnna Marie: My single “For You” is on iTunes right now, as well as all other media sources. I will soon be dropping another single as well in the near future and they can keep up with me by liking my Facebook Fan Page (BreeAnna Marie), following me on Instagram and Twitter (ImBreeAnnaMarie), and visiting my website (www.BreeAnnaMarie.com).

  1. Are your songs predominantly personal and confessional, and about experiences you have lived, or more abstract and imaginative?

BreeAnna Marie: My music is based off of my own experiences and emotions, more so than imagination. I enjoy writing all types of songs about all types of situations, but I would say that it is predominantly personal. That’s my favorite part about writing, I love creating something based off of my own real life experiences. I feel like the best type of music comes from that.

  1. As you work your way through your career, which more than any other fires-up your imagination – A Grammy award, Platinum music sales or some other tangible milestone?

BreeAnna Marie: I think the idea of people actually hearing my music and loving it is what fires me up the most. Everything that could possibly come along with it is a plus too, I would love a Grammy award or seeing my music make platinum sales.

  1. What is the ONE thing you are NOT willing or prepared to do EVER, in your quest to achieve a successful musical career?

BreeAnna Marie: One thing that I’m not willing to do is give up. That’s honestly how I feel. I can’t imagine myself doing that because this is something that I’ve always wanted to do.


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