Polyphonic Exophilia Moves & Grooves Through Space & Time – New Vol. 3 EP Is Available Everywhere Online Now!


The wildly exploratory and colorfully expressive sound from Norway’s Polyphonic Exophilia has made an incredible impression on listeners & playlists far & wide across the [more…]

New Releases

THE O SOUND ALL STARS – “NU WOP DOO WOP, VOL. 1” smooth blending of perfect harmony

Cleveland’s own THE O SOUND ALL STARS, consisting of members Baba Adetobi, Mike Harris, Romeo Maxwell, Blacknile, Humble G, and Regi Beverly, have released their [more…]

New Releases

AfterParty: “SYNTHESIZER NIGHT HITS, VOL.1” – a hypnotic, futuristic trip to retro-dreamland!

After becoming a father, loosing plenty of hair on your head and then seeing some wrinkles slowly creep up on you, the question becomes obvious [more…]