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Storied Windows – “Where I Used to Be” – instantly identifiable, melodically beguiling, and seductive enough to keep you coming back!

Storied Windows are always tinkering around the edges of their sonic universe, getting deeper, more cerebral, subtler, and more expansive. They do that on the EP [more…]

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Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine November 2022


Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine November 2022 – FEATURED THIS MONTH – Shad Rabbani, Josh Karch, Colony Couch, Hartsel, PUPPENGOTT, Luscious Immortal, Prince Prodigal, Dub Propulsion, [more…]


Storied Windows – “The Lost and Found” is an ambitious and immaculate album!


Storied Windows is a husband and wife multi-genre music composition, songwriting and production team based in the Washington DC area. They specialize in music for [more…]