Adam Stall – The blend of musical flexibility and an exciting rock vocalist becomes an intoxicating mix!

Adam Stall grew up in the small town of Coldwater, Ohio, surrounded by a combination of a musically inclined family and friends, most of whom [more…]


Travis Bickle – “The Future of Rock As We Know It” weaves a wondrous journey through some legendary sounds!


Ian Ratliff, an independent musician and producer based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, started out with an old mixing board he found in his family’s garage [more…]


The Damnable Cads: “All Night Long” – grounded and spacey at the same time, while maintaining a sharp rock edge!

“A cadre of arrogant swine, who travel the world swilling beer and keeping the neighbors up late,” is how The Damnable Cads – featuring lead [more…]