The Damnable Cads: “All Night Long” – grounded and spacey at the same time, while maintaining a sharp rock edge!

“A cadre of arrogant swine, who travel the world swilling beer and keeping the neighbors up late,” is how The Damnable Cads – featuring lead guitarist Nick, Jimmy on bass, drummer Eddie and vocalist Alvin – like to describe themselves. Without forgetting that the band kindly asks you to “Lock up your daughters” too!

If by now you are expecting a raucous, dissonant bear-swilling group of 2-chord noise-makers, be warned…The Damnable Cads is a confident yet unforced triumph offering a cohesive vision: an idyllic, musical world in which the echoes of so many great Sixties and Seventies rock traditions organically flow together, blending with an entirely original, modern sensibility.

The album cover
The album cover

On the fringes of music you can find some really spectacular things. It’s a journey that’s often worth taking- trying to scope out artists doing something unique and passionate in the face of everything corporate and plain. The album, “All Night Long” by The Damnable Cads, is one of those examples of true gems that can only really be found with a little searching.

It starts off with probably the most concise statement of their musical direction, “Little Dreamer”, which combines sprawling acoustic guitar squalor, Alvin’s chiming boyish voice, and interesting drum play by Eddie, all into the space of 2 and a 1/2 minutes. The next, “Drive Me Wild” is probably their ‘dirtiest’ guitar statement, with a loping beat and echoing vocal reflections.

“All Night Long” follows with ringing guitar and almost hand-clapping pop-punk stylings. It’s the quirkiest 3 minutes on the album. The album swings from one spectrum to another, with the stomping “She’s a Dreamer” and the Acid rock meets hair metal guitar solo in “C’mon Girl”, while the psychedelic-rock ruminations on “Not Yet” closes the album.

The band logo
The band logo

Few albums can sound so varied and yet seem so consistent at the same time. It’s also amazing that despite middling in indie territory this band has been able to develop so nicely. The Damnable Cads is both creative and focused. Their sounds are beautiful and skillful. They are humble and earnest enough to connect with emotionally and they are adventurous and experimental without resorting to pointless noise. “All Night Long” is so chock-full of crunchy guitar chords, killer riffs and bone-crunching crescendos that it’s almost unfair.

The six songs are about as good as retro rock n’ roll gets. The Damnable Cads are talented in all areas, both musically and lyrically. If you care about Rock n’ roll music in any form, I don’t see how you could not appreciate this record and this band. Honest lyrics, perfect rock melodies, blazing guitar solos, they’re all here.  The sound is both grounded and spacey at the same time, while maintaining a sharp rock edge.

If you love retro guitar-orientated rock and are searching for a band with depth and emotion, and a touch of quirkiness, in a stale time for music, do yourself and this wondrous band a favor and go download this album already.


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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