New Releases

BlackLight – Delivers Pure Grooviness With Tribal House Dancefloor Hit ‘Joy Have It’

BlackLight continues on an upward trend of releases, as he has dropped one of his grooviest tracks to date. “Joy Have It” delivers a raw [more…]


BlackLight Delivers Percussion-Heavy, Uplifting Tech House Single ‘Bass On Walls’

About The Release BlackLight returns to deliver an awesome, percussion-filled, tech-house single ‘Bass On Walls’. Unlike many producers, BlackLight nails it once again on making [more…]

New Releases

Pflames: “Ambition” featuring Damien – an endless flow and aptitude for rhymes and music

Pflames is a hip hop songwriter/producer from Omaha, Nebraska. Pflames is a precocious talent who formed his first group around about 5 years-old with some [more…]