A Black Rainbow – “Face” presents an awesome combination of melody, pounding rhythms, and mindful lyrics!

Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht is a multi-talented artist, who has found success as an actor, artist, and musician. His music project, A Black Rainbow, represents the [more…]


Ghost in the Machine’s ‘Crushed & Shattered’ gives a haunting twist to Pat Benatar’s ‘Heartbreaker’

“Pat Benatar and Heartbreaker were definitely early influences on us as musicians before forming Ghost in the Machine. The song rocked and so did she. [more…]


King Loot X Loot Boss X Bic Bee: “Face” – crafted to appeal to the mass populous

The founder of Creative Enterprises LLC, Creative Entertainment, and Loot Boy Entertainment, among others, King Loot is an artist out of Buffalo NY. In the [more…]