New Releases

GermAeon – ‘Crusades Of The Priests of L’Edsommr’ – serves as a stark reminder of the darkest corners of the human experience

GermAeon’s sonic landscape is a haunting reminder of the crushing weight of modernity’s existential turmoil. As a luminary in the UK’s burgeoning dark ambient/dungeon synth [more…]

New Releases

PUPPENGOTT – “Was ist vom Leben zu erwarten?” a dark malicious crushing ambiance!

PUPPENGOTT (“Doll god”) is an industrial black metal project from Germany, founded in 2020 just before the pandemic. The artist behind the project is Jonas [more…]


Corbeau du Nord: “Le Purgatoire” – a cinematic soundtrack!

Jason Bernier was born in 1978 in Longueuil, in the Montréal’s south shore, Québec. Coming from a modest background and raised by a single mother, his [more…]