GermAeon – ‘Crusades Of The Priests of L’Edsommr’ – serves as a stark reminder of the darkest corners of the human experience

GermAeon’s sonic landscape is a haunting reminder of the crushing weight of modernity’s existential turmoil. As a luminary in the UK’s burgeoning dark ambient/dungeon synth scene, he deftly weaves together minimalist arrangements and desolate atmospheres to conjure a hypnotic, almost otherworldly listening experience that fully immerses the imagination. Although he initially emerged under the moniker ‘Be Not Idle In Preparation For Thy Doom,’ the Renfrew-based producer’s impressive discography quickly established him as one of the genre’s most authentic and emotionally resonant voices. But it was merely a prelude to the sounds that GermAeon would soon unleash.

With his debut full-length album ‘Crusades Of The Priests of L’Edsommr,’ GermAeon has now fully actualized his vision. This concept record delves deep into the dark recesses of the human psyche, exploring the historical themes of wickedness, cruelty, and depravity. The soundscape he has crafted will challenge, terrify, and captivate listeners like never before.


In ‘Crusades Of The Priests of L’Edsommr,’ GermAeon takes us on a journey back to the year 1164, where the Priests of L’Edsommr have been spotted wandering the lands of Wrenefr. These malevolent beings, few in number, are hell-bent on performing dark magic to bring doom upon the land. But to do so, they require copious amounts of blood, both from innocent villagers and a Holy Man stripped of his faith.

While some may choose to convert to the L’Edsommr way, many consider it an abomination, and will stop at nothing to prevent the priests’ nefarious plans. But these adherents of L’Edsommr remain undeterred, employing horrific rituals to anathematize their prey before snuffing out their lives.

GermAeon’s music serves as a stark reminder of the darkest corners of the human experience, leaving an indelible impression on those who dare to venture into his world. The album opens with the track, “In Prayer, Without a Hope”, which is challenging, frightening, and hypnotic. Deep drones, a sinister choral-interlude, and emotion-stirring cellos, are some of the key factors that ensure “Conversion Theology” makes an impression on your subconscious.

This is followed by the echoing chimes of “Banishing Ritual”, and the malevolent tones of “Unbaptised Then Drowned”. Once the haunting, off-kilter keys are fused into the latter track, it creates a level of intensity and spirit that are completely unmatched. GermAeon’s compositions bleed mesmerizing ambience, which are at times terrifying and more often than not, mind-numbing, yet will leave the true dark ambient aficionado wanting more.

“The Scent of Flayed Flesh” is the epitome of that previous description, As the muffled percussion and droning is intensified, so does the angst of anticipation for where this track is headed. When the depth of emotion finally fades, we are left with a calming path of destruction lead by deep ritualistic ambience with the repressed ferocity and celestial intent of “Abbot’s Funeral”. The album comes to a close with the Gregorian chants and abrasive grind of “Conjuration of Enechetu”.

It’s easy to get lost in the realm of GermAeon and ‘Crusades Of The Priests of L’Edsommr,’ is a magnificent album that truly represents this artist and genre. With this new release, GermAeon solidifies his position as a true master of his craft.


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