Malena Boccadoro – “Novocaine” will consistently intrigue listeners!

Singer-songwriter Malena Boccadoro has music running in her veins. The self-taught guitar, piano and ukulele player is the granddaughter of the well-known Latin musician, Diego Verdaguer. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Malena writes her own songs, and her debut single is entitled “Novocaine”. The track has a distinct organic pop style, which features sweeping acoustic guitars and an insistent mid-tempo drumbeat. The song is melodically catchy and easy on the ear, yet still striking, and goes beyond the standards of pop thanks to the well-arranged instrumental and gently nuanced vocal.

The beat of the drums, piano and acoustic guitar play a powerful role in “Novocaine”, all combining to create a compelling, worldly sound. The beat of the song does not overpower the singer’s vocals, allowing listeners to hear and appreciate the eloquence of Malena Boccadoro’s voice. The airy melody carries Malena’s stunning voice for the duration of the song. “Cold, numb and barely breathing. I watch you slowly leaving. Powerless to say. What you need to hear,” is how she opens the song.

Malena Boccadoro

“I’m a Novocaine heart. I don’t feel you, no, I don’t feel you, no. Release me from this cage I believe I’m trapped in,” continues Malena in the chorus, using ‘Novocaine’ as a metaphor for a numbed heart in search of emotional relief. The song in itself, speaks to all those who have difficulty in connecting with others. Malena Boccadoro has rendered a delightful and captivating track that will consistently intrigue listeners. She has the ability to walk a line between major-label heft and indie cred.

“Novocaine” certainly aspires to promise Malena Boccadoro a place in the current pop music scene. The beat is strong and the melody carries her sensational voice with ease, while the lyrical purpose to unpack and enlighten a theme common to many, achieves its goal. Sitting comfortably in a clean and sleep production, Malena has immersed herself in the introspective moments of modern pop by creating a track full of warmth and delicacy.

“Novocaine” emphasizes Malena Boccadoro wonderfully engaging vocals as they intertwine with the atmospheric instrumentation. Her voice acts as another instrument, creating a lush canvas of sound. Malena has constructed a formula that is endearing and incredibly visceral. The songstress has perfected the aura of melodrama through profound lyrics and a calming, roaming musical arrangement. A sign that the songwriting here is impeccable.

On “Novocaine” Malena Boccadoro leads us into an atmospheric wonderland, full of her sublime vocals that gradually bury deep into our consciousness as the chorus wraps us in a blanket of pure pop. Malena’s target audience is still stumbling through life and love, largely unsure of what makes for a satisfying relationship, as they blindly claw at the hopes of finding it. Love is frustratingly complicated and often hopelessly miserable. She perfectly understands and translates these sentiments in her music.

“Novocaine” is perfectly palatable, and catchy enough to work its way into the top pop mixes and rake in the play counts. While most pop stars are stuck endlessly deliberating how to upgrade their image and style, Malena Boccadoro relies purely on her talent, which is crystal-clear on her debut single.


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