Zay: “Repeat” is state of the art in terms of being the zenith of current indie R&B releases

Recently I had the pleasure of listening to the 5-track project by – born and raised in Buffalo and currently residing in sunny Los Angeles – R&B artist, ZAY, entitled “Repeat”. The spaces between the old and new is crossed and blended well with this EP, which is out through the Young N Reckless label. ZAY has drenched his R&B, with songs sounding like music that I used to hear back in the day. It has that flavor and keeps the momentum alive throughout.

If you’re a fan of R&B music and have been disappointed by the genre the past few years, you will enjoy this, as “Repeat” unveils a ZAY with talent, depth and polish you probably hadn’t realized he had. Track after track he builds on those elements forging an EP that is focused, and disciplined.

REPEAT EP cover artwork
REPEAT EP cover artwork

In a phrase, “Repeat” is “state of the art” in terms of being the zenith of current indie R&B releases. Granted that in itself isn’t saying a whole lot – this genre has been lost and confused since the late 90’s. But, ZAY is calling on classical influences in finding his own sweet spot and setting the standard for what R&B music should embody right now.

ZAY delivers a very strong, fine vocal here. But, the main thing I love about “Repeat” is how ZAY sounds very contemporary, yet still manages to keep the traditional R&B sound intact without having to depend on predictable, cookie-cutter material. Although you may find ZAY casually chasing a trend or two, he pretty much keeps things very simple, traditional and classy. ZAY has a beautiful voice and it’s sexy and mellow and silky. The music is equally sexy making “Repeat” a great chill out EP.

Add all that to the fact that ZAY personally penned these songs and you have the identikit of an all-round, complete artist. ZAY possesses the true essence of R&B; the sound, the songwriting, the vocals and the harmony. From top to bottom “Repeat” takes you to a beautiful place. It’s a pure joy and pleasure to press play on songs like “Love Scenes”, “My Intentions”, “Make You Rain”, “Scream My Name” and “Love Making 101”.

ZAY has his own unique sense of style and sex appeal as he touches every feel-good emotion through these songs. So find your significant other – girlfriend, wife or mistress, sit back and enjoy yourself. If you can’t get in the mood when “Repeat” is in the stereo, you might want to go see a doctor!



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