Whiskey Sharts: If you have a penchant for Southern rock soundscapes and a sense of humor!

Whiskey Sharts is a Southern comedy rock band act hailing from Shartsville – a place no-one has even heard of.   They have been said to take the “shit you say at the bar about important things like drinking, smoking marijuana, mammalian genitalia protuberances, and put it to kick ass music.” Whiskey Sharts is definitely a beautiful thing – witty, insightful, sometimes rude but always talented.

 whiskey-sharts-liveThe humor is definitely dark and twisted, with lots of nasty words and black situations, but the band certainly shows that they can make some jokes without the nastiness. Their self-titled EP is a collection of songs, satire, and humorous musings put together simply for the purpose of good old fashioned entertainment blazoned into rock n’ roll.

As you can imagine, Whiskey Sharts is not for everyone. They are not your average rock n’ roll band, and their lyrics might be beyond you if lack a sense of humor. But if you do have a sense of humor and you’d enjoy a new twist on rock, these guys will do for you.

All the songs are good, if not excellent, steeped in Americana and badass Southern Rock sounds. In fact there’s a lot more going on in this EP than weird prose and dirty little words. Bottom line: Whiskey Sharts puts out all the stops both lyrically and musically to entertain its audience.

The lyrics are raunchy and by no means should be heard by impressionable youths. I was dying of laughter as I listened to the entire thing. But the EP is worth the money for the glorious rock that bleeds from Whiskey Sharts souls like wine.

whiskey-sharts-coverEvery note of their music is carefully placed so as to increase the total amount of rocking possible – checkout “iSharted” and “GFYS” for proof of this. Sometimes they sound like Lynyrd Skynyrd, at others like the Ozark Mountain Daredevils and then all of a sudden like Waylon Jennings. And sometimes they’re like all three together. Now throw that all in with some irreverent lyrics and you’ve got a potentially explosive mix, certainly not for the faint-hearted.

There isn’t much point to writing a long-winded, analytical review of the Whiskey Sharts’ EP. This would almost certainly involve a good deal of overthinking. What everyone should know is that even though Whiskey Sharts is something of a ‘comedy’ band, they play some badass music.

Their songwriting is top notch and musically creative, while still remaining extremely funny. If you have a penchant for Southern rock soundscapes and any inkling of a sense of humor you will bless the day that you read this review and decided to go and discover this band for yourself. All in all this is quite an amusing listen, with some rather talented musicians holding it all together.


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