VOICE IN THE ATTIC: “Ablaze” – the authenticity breathes through the melody!

VOICE IN THE ATTIC is the finished article; with the evidence of his recently released single “Ablaze” now before us it is patently apparent that he is the whole package, the real deal – a consummate artist. He writes superlatively good songs; plays guitar very well and has a sort-of hungry troubadour aura that has long been lost among contemporary artists. There are similarities in the performance and production of VOICE IN THE ATTIC’s music that reminds one of the soulful, smooth and elegant sounds of Chris Rea, blended with the deeper, darker and more melancholic tones of Nick Drake. However, despite the powerful semblances to these music titans, it is the artistic personality of VOICE IN THE ATTIC which ultimately comes out on top here.


“Ablaze” perfectly epitomizes what VOICE IN THE ATTIC seems to be about: creative energy and authenticity. Even in his most reflective and quietest songs, there is a ‘hidden’ drive threaded throughout his music. It sometimes appears in the musical passages and at others in the lyrical phrases. The songs not only take you on a journey, there is life in the melody. And the music is a journey, where VOICE IN THE ATTIC remains authentic to himself and his own sound. While the lyrics in “Ablaze” may lead in a direction, there is enough openness that you can apply them to your own life and experiences.

VOICE IN THE ATTIC doesn’t seem to be moved by the pull of commercialism, mass media or critics. He remains rooted in his sound and his bond to the landscape, the physical, the organic, the here and now – the authenticity breathes through the melody, lyrics and vocal approach. “Ablaze” embodies that direct sound that reaches into your heart and soul and connects.

This is remarkably sophisticated music, a sound that uses every note and rest to faultless advantage; it is a collaboration of specific accents blended together by the acoustic guitar, the piano, and strings, into an expansion of sound that could be called ‘spiritual exhilaration’.

VOICE IN THE ATTIC reveals his voice to have strength and tenacity, while his words quiver and bend like a drawn bow. He does not attempt to paint whole pictures with his lyrics, but rather develops varying colored themes with them, allowing each listener to complete the images personally. On “Ablaze” his voice is so profoundly intimate and almost glazed that anyone can relate to its emotion.

MORE ABOUT: BC Bogey is the VOICE IN THE ATTIC. He is a critically acclaimed songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, award-winning music video director and classically trained singer whose intense live performances have been hailed as an archetypal world of precise sonic imagery. To fulfill his artistic vision, BC has teamed up with Grammy-winning musicians and sound engineers from Europe and the USA, but remains involved in every decision that needs to be made, from recording through mastering audio tracks and shooting video clips. “A style which seeks to enhance rather than alter and distort a musical event is just what I was looking for,” he says. BC currently divides his time between Cologne, Germany and London, UK.


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