Troy Lindsey: “One Drop” – robust and surefooted!

Troy Lindsey has been described as “the epitome of a rolling stone”, and “a wandering prophet”. I would add, “A modern-day troubadour”. Either way, he is a skilled storyteller and an Americana singer-songwriter who translates the experiences and emotions – gathered along his worldwide travels – into heartfelt songs. The beauty of Troy’s music is both the casual ease he seems to effortlessly slip into, and the way his songs just manage to stick in your head.

Many cultures recognize the blessings and the wisdom that come from experience – from living life, taking the shots and the knocks, and coming away from it all with some good stories to tell. And that, along with a serious desire and ability to kick butt musically, is what Troy Lindsey brings to the table with his track “One Drop”.

Troy Lindsey
Troy Lindsey

It is a work of great maturity and insight, but it is by no means tepid or dull. Written, sung, played, arranged, and produced with great passion by Troy Lindsey, this track is a powerful reflection of an imprisoned and tortured soul deemed an outlaw – both literally and metaphorically.

Listen to this wistful and poignant track, and watch it pierce your heart from the get-go; it’s a lovely, strong introduction to an overall theme of waywardness, personal discovery and redemption. Musically Troy Lindsey is at his best, reaching peaks higher than he has ever been before.

The crunchy guitars are superb in tone and texture, and when the electric six-string erupts into some roaring and rugged soloing, all hell breaks loose. Never losing track of its commitment, the keyboards flourish vigorously to stay close to anything the guitars attempt. Resulting in a track that is as powerful musically, as it is emotional lyrically.

The growling groove of “One Drop” clatters down the track like a locomotive on fire, thanks to the propulsive rhythmic assault and Troy’s robust and surefooted vocals. Somewhere between Johnny Cash and Tom Petty, Troy kicks all pretty and sweet vocal intonations out of the window, and comes in through the main door – straight for the jugular, with a hefty and hearty delivery that fits the song’s theme like a glove.

No doubt, for me, this is both the most sensitive and the most dynamic song in his catalog. Rich and intriguing, “One Drop” has Troy Lindsey hitting new peaks.


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