Lynne Taylor Donovan: “Am I Dreaming” is playful, romantic and wondrous…

Lynne Taylor Donovan is fascinating. Most artists today make one great song, and then fail with whatever follows-up. But not Donovan. She’s turned out many indie chart topping songs throughout her career. And each of her songs has its very own sound and feel, which makes her interesting. But still, there’s something I can’t quite put my finger on, that makes the listener recognize Lynne Taylor Donovan’s spirit in each song.

She can be deadly serious, but sometimes she also displays an infectious sense of humor that’s simply irresistible. I’m also amazed by her voice, or should I say voices, because she has a wide range of nuances that she uses very skillfully.

lynne-taylor-donovan-radioOn her latest single, “Am I Dreaming”, you will find both, her infectious sense of humor, and her skillful voice. The track once again showcases a fully grown woman who isn’t afraid to reveal any angle of herself to her listeners. And that’s probably what mostly separates her from most of the world’s would-be singing divas. “Am I Dreaming” is playful, romantic and wondrous…almost fairy-tale-like.

The general flow and presentation of the track is flawless. Riding on an acoustic-guitar dominated, country-rock and pop tinged beat, Lynne Taylor Donovan swings gracefully from tantalizing verses to sugary choruses sprinkled with layers of tasty melody.

A brilliant storyteller, she reveals her deepest romantic dreams to the listener with gusto and enthusiasm. This is perhaps Donovan’s most commercially appealing tune, if not her most enchanting.  Everything about “Am I Dreaming” is captivating, warm and inviting: caught between a dream and reality, it’s a very optimistic song in its own right.

Lynne Taylor Donovan has a knack for sounding natural in her songs, as if she is making everything up as she goes along. This song is no exception. It’s like you’re sitting in a conversion with her. Classy and sensitive, Donovan shares her reflections with you, oozing sweetness and charm, without being overly fluffy.

The now-familiar formula of rich acoustic guitars, shuffling beats, and dynamic vocals feels extremely comfortable here. Lynne Taylor Donovan never ceases to tug at the heartstrings of the listener with her songs, even in a lighthearted way. And she does it with class and elegance on “Am I Dreaming”. All-round this track forges yet another example of brilliant songwriting, wonderful music, and great production.

She has toured with The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and filled opening slots at shows with stars such as Alan Jackson, Wynonna Judd and Loretta Lynn. She has had top ten singles, including holding down the number one spot on the European/UK charts. But the best news is that Lynne Taylor Donovan has never sounded better, articulating her usual territories of life and love on “Am I Dreaming”.


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