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Tommy Roumanas: “She Keeps Me (Rockin’)” a High-Handed Rocker with Enough Aggressiveness to Level a Small Building!

Tommy Roumanas picked up his first guitar at seventeen and hasn’t stopped playing since. Singing and songwriting followed soon thereafter. His passion to create music shines as he states: “Composing music for a living may not be the easiest or most stable job, but in my opinion, it’s the greatest job on earth. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

If you love uncompromising rock guitar, you won’t be disappointed by Tommy Roumanas’ latest release, “She Keeps Me (Rockin’)” which follows on hot the heels of his previous single “Hard Rain”. If you were paying any attention to rock music at the beginning of the 80’s, these songs will be immediately recognized in style.

Tommy’s songs are perfect examples of radio-friendly, early 80’s rock. Crunchy guitars, towering drums, hummable melodies, memorable lyrics, this may even be so much better than you remember. Heck, this is way better than what I remember!

Here, with “She Keeps Me (Rockin’)” , you have a killer melody, stop-start tempo changes, anthemic guitars, whip-cracking drums; it’s a one-song distillation of a great era and genre in American music. And Tommy brings it right into the 21st Century.

The new release also seems, by far, a major sonic improvement on previous works! One can practically feel the guitar strings on the solo, the drumming sounds crisper, and the bass has excellent depth. The vocal harmony arrangements also add a great amount of interesting color to the piece.

“She Keeps Me (Rockin’)” is a cocky, high-handed rocker with enough aggressiveness to level a small building. The track starts off with a crackling sound that reminds one of a match struck to a flame, and bursts into fire with an explosion of guitar whine and background bombast. This is as much quality rock as you can get right now!

Tommy Roumanas sets a frenetic pace and sends a solid message of power. He has came to rock you with this track, you can make no mistake of that!



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