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TIM KORRY: “Strange Horses” Is Moving, Vibrant and Powerful!

Tim Korry who was born in Miami, Florida began mastering the guitar at the age of 17. While continuously writing, Tim also picked up on percussion instruments and bass guitar. His primary musical influences were Peter Gabriel, The Beatles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and U2. By the early 1990’s, Tim co-founded the band Rhinocerotic, which recorded two successful albums and developed a strong and faithful following – opening locally for Green Day and Badfinger, as well as performing a post-show for The Black Crowes.

Rhinocerotic also played at Milwaukee’s “Big Gig” Summerfest many times, and performed on the nationally syndicated Jenny Jones Show. In 2007, Tim Korry debuted his original album Music from Earth, then went on to release his second original extended play album, Between the Sun & the Moon, in 2011. In 2012 Tim released Strange Horses, a retrospective live and remixed CD containing previously unreleased material. The album was re-released in June this year.

“Strange Horses” functions as a snapshot of Tim’s talents and variegated, eclectic art form, as he caters to a market not always ready for such intelligent and well-crafted songwriting. This is a wonderful album, with several songs alone that deserves five stars (“James Stix (‘9 Sticks’ Remix)”, “The World”, “Star” and “Is This What It Is?”) come immediately to mind). The melodies in the songs are subtle, they may take some time to get used to but they are amazing and beautiful once they’ve captured you. The lyrics are also well written, while the music is arranged flawlessly.

Each song touches on the depth of emotion that Tim Korry never seems to be afraid to expose, and each song works on its own merit; yet collectively this is just about perfect, considering the diversity of the material; from the groovy and funky bass-driven “All My Colors (Remix)” to the sprawling rock guitar orientated opener, “Memory”.

Clearly Tim Korry is not your every day average pop musician or singer-songwriter. No, Tim is not your average anything at all. With “Strange Horses” Tim has set an unprecedented example of what a great indie musician is and should be.

Tim Korry’s uncanny ability to write beautiful lyrics and great music that does not overtly cater towards the current gimmicky, ear-catching trends is almost unparalleled these days, and his ability to create song after diverse song that flows with simple ease makes “Strange Horses” a totally worthy album.

Notwithstanding the fact that many of the songs here are live versions, every note, every beat, and every sound is exactly where it should be. In fact I’m more in love with the live song versions than the remixes – except for “James Stix (‘9 Sticks’ Remix)” which is my absolute favorite track on the album!

“Strange Horses”, as an album, is moving, vibrant and powerful, much like Tim Korry as a performer on Vocals and Guitars, and the backing musicians who appear with him, namely; Timmy Wolf – Backing Vocals, Bass (on live tracks), Tracy Graff – Drums (on live tracks) and Liza Korry – Backing Vocals (on James Stix).

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