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Sherry Drive: “One Lane Bridge EP” – powerful and melodic with a rock solid raw edge!

Priding themselves on having a great time with the people they play for, hard rock band, Sherry Drive continues its quest to introduce you to their style of music.  Father and son Rich (rhythm guitar) and Anu Ratzburg (Lead Guitar) began playing  hard rock, blues, and metal music, attracting then day-job colleagues and active duty military members Darin Schmelzer (drums), Rusty Perry  (vocals) a degreed theatre major, and J (bass).  They have combined their talents to form Sherry Drive and have been working hard to get on the map as a hard rock band that everybody knows and enjoys.

Sherry Drive
Sherry Drive

Every now and then a somewhat unknown band will take an unexpected leap in artistic capacity and create something interestingly beautiful. Some bands do so from total obscurity, others while already having established a sizable following. Omaha Nebraska based band Sherry Drive accomplishes this with their “One Lane Bridge EP”. While using the predictable and familiar song structure (verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus) ensures Sherry Drive’s accessibility, their true strength lays in how they sport a combination of hard rock and alternative metal, which is both classic old-school sounding and modern.

Lyrical moods move from melancholy to energetic inspirational themes and the music follows suit. A powerful vocalist and relatable lyrics are sure ways to win over an audience, but only up to a point. From that point onwards it’s up to the songs and the instrumentation. From the opening bars of “One Lane Bridge,” the sound is subtle and melodic but a fist to the face is only minutes away. The production is raw but solid, the levels fairly well mixed with an audible bass – the guitars an even balance of melodic and heavy – and the vocals emotional and strong. Sherry Drive find their metal sound with “Leaves Are Falling”, and the ruthless energy of that sound carries through the entire EP.

The band balances their rocker songs with balladry intros throughout the EP, and the sound is sure to appeal to just about any rock fan. It’s not too sonically adventurous, but it’s not meant to be. It’s both hard and comfortable, and executed with precision by the band. There are a no blemishes. Sherry Drive distinguishes themselves on songs like “Drown Them In Sorrow”, “You Said” and “Walk Away”, which is the best song on the entire EP for me. In the vein of early Guns n’ Roses, it is unquestionably a track that fits Rusty’s voice like a glove and does the spirited sound of Sherry Drive total justice. More of this and Sherry Drive will have perfected their craft, in my book!

All-round the cuts on the “One Lane Bridge EP” are powerful, melodic, and amazingly balanced with a solid raw edge, bringing together a great package with memorable performances by all the band members in Sherry Drive.


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