Rapper Street Violater shows off versatility and eclectic lyrical skills!

Street Violater is a rapper and DJ based in Hyderabad, India. He burst onto the Hip hop scene in 2012 with the track “My Doll”, before focusing on electronic for the next few years. In 2015 Street Violater hit another turning point when his rap single “My Stupid Wine” charted locally, as well as attracting international attention and became a St. Lewis radio favorite. Inspired and influenced by tracks from the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Eminem, Street Violater kept pushing ahead with his craft, which he had been practicing since a very early age. And in mid-2016 he launched yet another single entitled “We Want Justice” produced by Hanto.

Street Violater
Street Violater

The track comes off as sounding genuine, profound and heartfelt as Street Violater tackles socio-political and cultural issues head-on, and is definitely a conscious step in a different direction from the more personal and introspective “My Stupid Wine”. Both tracks however show off the rapper’s versatility and his eclectic lyrical skills. How many rappers do think can come up with creative lines such as:

“My love for you is like most stupid wine,
your face reminds me of rude butterflies,
Together we are like spaghetti and chocolate,
oh my darling stupid wine, rude wine”

On these tracks, Street Violater appears to be cohesive and solid a rapper as far as technique goes. While he’s not overly obsessed with multi-syllable tongue-twisters he’s a considerable student of rhythmic chops where the important goals are rhyme placement and flow.

No matter what the beat being provided to him, be it more up-tempo style or slower drifting material, Street Violater never sounds out of place, and it’s a considerable skill for any rapper who’s been working at it seriously for a long as he has. But this becomes important when you dig through his material and start to deal with just how incredibly diverse his productions are.

Street Violater
Street Violater

Though based in India, Street Violater has proudly remained on the pulse of every trend in rap. That suggests that he has just been very lucky at noting sonic trends and getting access to them or that he seriously pays attention to what is happening in world music as he betters his skillset.

As we can hear from both “My Stupid Wine” and “We Want Justice”, Street Violater embraces all kinds of elements of music, in a blend that sounds rather uniquely his. No matter what is offered, Street Violater manages to hit home-runs on every record, offering up catchy hooks and capable flows as if it were perfectly natural to rap on music this far-reaching.

Furthermore Street Violater is loading his music with storytelling and serious content, as he slowly but surely reveals some of the layers beneath the surface of his craft and persona. These are gestures that cannot be ignored.


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