One Way Home: “Jesus, You are King” – an explosion of music for those who need a radical change

One Way Home has been together, traveling and playing music, for nearly seven years. Their third studio album release, ‘More than a god’, spawned from the ideals and convictions of worshiping the One, True God. The single, “Throne Room” from the same album, has successfully ranked on a few Christian Independent Radio Charts. Now One Way Home releases their brand new track, “Jesus, You are King”.

The band’s truths in their lyrics are clear and uplifting as in this song, which connects our lives with Christ, who leads the way for us. With deep meaning and spiritual effectiveness, One Way Home has the unique ability to refresh and restart listener’s uncertain or faltering faith in God; the lead singer in this song belts out the lyrics in a fiery manner proving her fervor for the Lord, and showing that our inner beliefs can overpower any doubting in Jesus’ name.

One Way Home
One Way Home

“Jesus, You are King” is an explosion of music for those who need a radical change or just want to praise the Lord in rocking fashion. Fans of this band will have no problem picking up where ‘More than a god’ took off, and new listeners will be introduced to great music with a powerful message. One Way Home seems to have laid down another giant step in their career, and their convictions, with this track, one that will carry them to top with songs like these.

The fact that you haven’t heard this song on your local radio station shows a flaw in the way programmers choose what they play today. But that’s a rant for another forum. “Jesus, You are King” would be an excellent track in any genre. Listening to the powerful lyrics combined with the great music can really help bring your spirit up. Even if you’re not a religious person, it’s nice to have some driving rock sound, fronted by great vocals, with positive lyrics. No one is being urged to hurt themselves or anyone else on any One Way Home recording. Their message is to hang in there and believe, because there is always hope and forgiveness ahead…if you really want it.

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