New Day Revolution: “The American Dream Is a Lie” is an amazing combination of emotion and power

Detroit rock band, New Day Revolution was born from the struggles and tribulations of the American working class. They consist of Dakota Starr on vocals, Andrew Rodger on guitar, Marc Rance on bass, and Anthony Wendler on drums.  New Day Revolutions’ latest EP, “The American Dream Is a Lie”, has much of the incredible melody and guitar riffs supported by Dakota Starr’s powerful singing and occasional angry screams. In fact, Starr has the uncanny ability to roar like a demonic animal in the catchiest way possible while also singing melodically and soulfully. There are lots of expected and welcome melody and style here, with the catchy riffs and vocal melodies that define NDR as unique and valuable.

New-Day-Revolution-coverYou pick a band like New Day Revolution because of the incredible vocal range, heavy guitars, and the ability to pull off mind-numbing, thunderous power rhythms, which they deliver above and beyond my expectations on this EP.  “The American Dream Is a Lie” is a recording of hard rocking, melodic music with terrific vocals that can be understood all the way through.

Marc Rance (bass) and Anthony Wendler (drums) work together in a way that keeps every song rocking along with head bobbing, foot stomping precision – as opposed to music where the drums and bass merely keep time in the background. Andrew Rodger on guitar, delivers some heavy rock riffing and enough cocky solos to match.

There are many bands trying to be hard these days. New Day Revolution does not have to try. Clearly their music is what comes naturally to them. Their signature syncopation changes along with driving rhythms and that terrific ‘wall of sound’, makes it hard to believe this is just four guys, and all that noise isn’t just distortion – there are very intricate rhythmic and melodic changes underneath.

New-Day-Revolution-bandSome albums or EP’s you have to listen to several times before any songs ‘grow’ on you, then sometimes on the first listen, tracks will reach out and grab your eardrums and won’t let go. This EP is definitely in that second category. NDR also keep their subject material grounded in real life themes – “finding a decent job, paying your bills on time, keeping your head up during the dark times, and still finding the chance to create and experience the joyous side of life”.

All though the EP, you feel what the band wants you to feel, and you feel it powerfully. The songs “Bury It Down”, “Demon In You”, “Judas” and “Rattlesnake” runs that fine line that balances between rough and melodic. It isn’t more one way than the other, rather a perfect balance, making “The American Dream Is a Lie” an amazing combination of emotion and powerful music.

At first listen, you get the hard driving pulse and the consistency of the EP, and then on successive spins, the layers will peel away to uncover more depth.  Top to bottom there are no weak links, and New Day Revolution will hit you like a truck from right out of the box. This is a perfect EP for anyone who likes metal and rock, or even just one of them.


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