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Natt Moore: “Alpha” ft. Ella Bianchi is as much about the journey as its component sounds

Natt Moore, owner of Contempstrumental Records, as well as electronica, experimental, and ambient, composer and producer, based in UK has released another single, entitled “Alpha” ft. Ella Bianchi. This again, is a true gem – Natt surprises me each time he releases his music, as you can hear the progression and expansion of sounds. Alpha” is hardly a re-invention of the wheel for Natt Moore.

Rather, it’s a solid triumph for an ever-evolving artist who is deep into developing his own unique style. As distinctive as it is complexly atmospheric, the track is as much about the journey as its component sounds.

Commanding all the familiar electronic music components with ease, this is infused with the organic warmth of the piano, strings and voice harmonies. It’s delivers a kind of crossover sophistication between simple ambient and movie soundtrack flavors.

Natt beguiles by opening “Alpha” ft. Ella Bianchi with a piano tinged with melancholic lamentation. “This is the kind of music that dilates your pupils. The intimacy of it is unmistakable. The slow heartbeat rhythm builds gently as the power of the strings engulfs the track. I

t’s a delicate act of building up and balancing congruent, organic and harmonic elements and it is where Natt Moore continues to shine in his arrangements. Towards the middle and right until the end there is a fixating of the atmosphere as the music moves in steady linear progressions — blending intoxicatingly powerful strings and glistening keyboards together with melting harmonies.

Alpha” sees the confidence and scope of his Natt Moore’s sound blossom; the track unfolds in ornate, powerful flourishes to reveal an attuned sensibility for orchestral grooves and delicate textures, as strands of ambient inflections are woven into ripe, expertly crafted progressions of organic sounding electronica.

Whilst Alpha” ft. Ella Bianchi is hardly a stylistic leap of into the unknown there’s definitely a more confident and varied use of textures and instrumentation than on previous releases, and it marks yet another, very much worthwhile chapter in Natt Moore’s continuing story.


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