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Moses Jones: “Legendary” – one of the most infectious, funky, tight, on and on…collection of tunes!

Born and raised in Defiance, OH, Moses Jones started his music career as soon as he could ride a bike. It was natural progression as his father was a musician. Moses went on to play Baritone Sax for the Fabulous Jades in California and the High Country Brass Senior Drum Corps in Denver. New to Colorado, Moses quickly climbed the local music scene ladder and built one of the strongest drawing and regionally recognized dance bands, The Moses Jones Band.

Moses Jones
Moses Jones

However Moses is involved with a variety of projects including and not limited to, Mr. J and the Smooth Expressions, The Mash Masters and his 18 piece band with a full horn section, the Moses Jones Rock Funk Orchestra. Moses also works as an agent for Alpine Music Connection and Road Dawg Touring booking event entertainment, festivals, weddings, private events and more. And he runs his own promotions and publicity company, MJ Entertainment. Moses Jones has also received 2 nominations in the Hollywood Music In Media Awards.

In between all of this grinding, Moses Jones has also been able to release his original works on the album “Legendary”. A 10-track album that combines combining rock, funk, jazz and blues sounds. However, if you could only use one word to describe the way that the Moses Jones Rock Funk Orchestra plays music, what would it be? Words like funk, soul and horns may come to mind. But the word that I would use to describe their playing has to be ‘groove’. But the Moses Jones Rock Funk Orchestra doesn’t just groove, they groove hard, and their groove is really tight. One of the great things about this album is the quality of the musicians besides the phenomenal Moses Jones himself.

One of the Moses Jones nominations
One of the Moses Jones nominations

People like, Greg Worthington and Laura Newman on tenor saxophone, while holding down the bottom is Ron Wright on Bari sax. There is Dan Johnson and Tony Zator on trumpet plus Gustav Hoffman on trombone, and in the rhythm section you’ll find Larry Henley on bass, Reuben Ramirez on percussion and Tony Black on drums. Just this core of superb musicians makes this a great album from start to finish. Not to mention Kurt Alexander and Dean Cutinelli on guitar or James Torres on keyboards. The cherry on top is of course offered by the wealth of fantastic singers which include, Vanessa Simmons, Joy Jaeger, Felisa Latin Soul, Gary Moore, Carlson Tann and Lionel Young

Another great thing that the Moses Jones Rock Funk Orchestra can do really well is play up tempo groove tunes extremely tightly. These tunes include “Merengue Funk (feat. Laura Newman)”, “It’s Over (feat. Gary Moore, Joy Jaeger & Lee Brown)”, “I’m Outta My Mind (feat. Vanessa Simmons & Dean Cutinelli)” and “Shake It (feat. Gary Moore)”. Along with the superb vocal features, the horns really help to fuel the fire to this incredibly hot album.

The Legendary album cover
The Legendary album cover

On their up tempo groove tunes, it is impossible not to want to bop your head while listening to this music. Moses Jones also plays a pretty good number of medium tempo tunes like “East Colfax (feat. Felisa Latin Soul, Greg Worthington & Gary Moore)”, which groove just as hard as the more up tempo ones. And when they slow it down the flames may subside, but the fire burns just as hot. Check out tracks like, “Tell Me (feat. Gary Moore & Felisa Latin Soul)” and “Legendary (feat. Gary Moore & Kerwin Alexander)”.

This is one of the most infectious, funky, tight, on and on…collection of tunes I have heard in a while. Moses Jones and his band are without a doubt a hard working group of musicians, with the “Legendary” album, being a prime example of their work and talent.  If you can’t catch the Moses Jones Rock Funk Orchestra live, this album is the next best thing!


Website:  www.mosesjones.net

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Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/mosesjones2014

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