Michelle Miller Bell: “Just Want To Know You Better” ministers to your soul

Michelle Bell, born as “Michelle Miller” in Chicago Illinois, was raised in a religious home with both parents and eight other siblings. Michelle discovered her singing ability at the age of 12 when she was asked to sing at her elementary school graduation. Moving forward, she later began singing and playing drums in her childhood church; it was here where she perfected her God giving talents and gifts and later became one of the praise and worship leaders.  Michelle Miller Bell recently dropped her 9 track album, entitled “Just Want To Know You Better”. The emphasis on this gospel recording swings back to classic and catchy, soulful jams, with R&B sensibilities.

Right from the opening track, “Give God What’s Due”, which comes straight after the intro, Michelle comes across as a very down-to-earth woman, yet her music seems so classy, stylish and sophisticated. That seems to be a family thing. After all, her husband Michael Bell, CEO of Bell Time Records has been working this industry with the same sensibility, keeping it positive, faith-based, and most importantly, made with love.

Michelle is one of the few artists who can easily switch from the mellowest of praise and worship songs to the fieriest of urban R&B jams. She does both very well, and proves it as she swings from the airy bounce of “Didn’t God Do It For You” to the urgent anthem “Sing Hallelujah”.

Blessed by a gorgeous rhythm and melody, Michelle takes the lyric of this latter track and soars into the stratosphere, delivering the emotional thrust needed to make the cut resonate long after the final fade. Mrs. Bell also takes hold of “Bring My Friend Back Home”, a song that tells of God’s constant vigil for our prayers, and His concern for us and our loved ones.

Over a tender bed of strings and a plucked guitar, Michelle flows her vocals, moving her plea into a rich harmony, and thoroughly convincing us all, of God’s care for her friend. On “He’ll Work It Out For You” Michelle lets us know that when situations get too much for you to take, and you feel like you’re going to break, God will work it out for you.

“I’m Grateful” gets rocking powerful with each progression and is the experience of a God who never fails, and Michelle keeps on reaffirming that she is grateful for all that He has ever done and is doing. This leads to the soulful and soaring, “Just Want To Know You Better”, which is almost a logical consequence of the previous song, if you come to think it deeply.

Just as every Spirit-filled worship leader does not draw attention to themselves but to the God they adulate, this song is divinely focused. The album merges a classic Soul and R&B musical styling throughout, and Michelle Miller Bell is an anointed singer that ministers to your soul, and her voice reaches all cultural and age groups.

MORE ABOUT Michelle Miller Bell: While working in the church as a youth leader, choir director, and musician, God called Michelle into the ministry of preaching. Both her singing and preaching ministry has opened many doors for her, and eventually caught the attention of record label owner Michael Bell, CEO of Bell Time Records, and is now her record producer and husband.


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