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Mark Winters: “Be There” – an unfiltered muscular beat and lyrics to ponder deeply

Mark Winters is a Sugar Land, Texas based rock musician. He started his career playing cover songs at the urging of a close friend. Mark’s poetic style comes from his Grandmother who taught him how to write poetry and express himself. Mark combined his music and poetry to form his signature sound – rock with a positive vibe. His past performances include large charity events such as The Matco BB Fundraiser at the Sam Houston Raceway Park, and the MS 150 In La Grange. Mark has great new music set for release in the coming months, leading to the release of his new album “SlipStream” in August. Currently he has dropped the single, “Be There”.

This is a transcendental piece of real, road-worn alternative rock. There’s knowledge of truth, and some of it from the root. I get the sense of no axe to grind, no wheels to grease, as Mark Winters just comes straight and true about ‘being there’ for the ones we care about.

His songs have a brilliant alt-rock feel, and is laced with blues, and a slight taste of singer-songwriter imagery, creating a traditional flavor, nodding to his influences, all the while creating his own original alternative sound.

Despite the traditional rock flavor, don’t go thinking for one moment that his music is derived from any of his peers, Mark Winters is an artist who stands his ground, and owns every square foot of it. His vocals and lyrics are placed front and center, with his fiery electric guitar, evoking themes of profound thoughtfulness.

He has the insightfulness of a wise man sitting on his front porch with a crystal clear eye. Winter’s lyrics reveal an intimate understanding of relationship intricacies, as the song evokes all the uncertainty and hope embedded in a beating heart. In the world of over-produced formula alt-rock, this is a breath of fresh air.

“Be There” harkens back to what rock music ought to be. This is one that you should crank the volume up on, so you can get the full effect of the music that backs up the lyrics. Mark Winters crystal clear voice alone is a powerful instrument, but when you couple it with some overdriven blues guitar, it catches fire.

Winters’ has musical wisdom that can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t. He sings from a place deep in his soul. His voice transports, and the music gives it wings. We’ll see about how Mark Winters’ career pans out over the next few years, but if this track is any indication, we may be witnessing the growth of a musician for the ages.

This track will take you down by a railroad station, sit you on a wooden bench just before sunset, and give you plenty to rock back and forth to. If you want an unfiltered muscular beat and lyrics to ponder deeply, this is the music. This is the guy. Mark Winters is the man.


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