Le$hon – “Like Kobe Freestyle” asserts his artistic presence!

Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, 24 year old Le$hon currently resides in Arizona. He started making music fairly recently and freshly dropped his single “Like Kobe Freestyle”. A quiet, introverted person, Le$hon prefers to let the music speak for him. This track is a groovy, yet somber and profound experience that had me playing it from start to finish several times. Le$hon’s vulnerability shines through his casual confidence, giving weight to the gentle soulfulness and the searching quality of his music.

The sound is a recognizable blend of Hip-hop and Trap – full of soulful instrumental warmth and impactful yet unimposing percussive touches. Rappers and trappers aren’t hard to come by – there’s an abundance to be honest.

What is hard to come by are rappers that take it to the next level and showcase true artistry.  Le$hon does that from start to finish on his single, “Like Kobe Freestyle”.  There’s never any doubt that he’s lyrically gifted and technically shines like a diamond here.

He doesn’t need to prove anything just yet, as he’s only getting started in the industry, but he certainly does prove that he has the artillery to go heads and tails above so much less worthy fluff that gets more media spins and hype.

Though brief, “Like Kobe Freestyle” is quite potent, with Le$hon setting the tone, and breathlessly rapping with the confidence and swagger of a veteran of the game. In addition he infuses the track with his impeccable poetic flow and sophisticated wordplay.

The excellence established on “Like Kobe Freestyle”, certifies that Le$hon kills it, asserting his artistic presence without ever bluntly forcing his skills.  What I love is how much weight is put on the lyricism of the verses.

He spits masterfully, leaning towards the cerebral, which is evident in how he crafts and connects his lyrics. The track more than exhibits the artist flaunting and flexing his prodigious lyrical skills. Le$hon sounds like he is on autopilot, rapping with incredible comfort and ease, seemingly never breaking a sweat.

While “Like Kobe Freestyle”, doesn’t have mainstream ambitions, the rhymes are spot-on, the flow biting and engaging, anchored by nuanced, moody production work. At the same time, it’s quite ear-catching and differentiates itself from the pack.

Le$hon raps sparingly yet relentlessly, prompting the listener to lean on his every word. His seemingly laidback vocals just suck you into its incessant flow, while the song showcases the rapper’s strengths and potential.

All in all, this gem is poetic, reflective, and incredibly thoughtful.  Very artistic, soulful, and knowledge filled, the authenticity and sincerity may be the biggest selling point of “Like Kobe Freestyle”. The whole song is a vibe of course – not just the points I focused on.

Even foregoing all of the above, the very chill, yet slick Le$hon is extremely talented, as he showcases ample potential throughout this song. The gorgeous piano driven production also fits him perfectly, and represents the cherry on top.



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