Kenny Thomas: “Candy Lady” – making a clear stamp on the hip-hop community!

If you find yourself in Mississippi, Georgia, or his home state of Alabama anytime soon, don’t be surprised to find that Kenny Thomas is already a household name on the rap circuit. As a native of Tuscaloosa, Kenny lives somewhere near the halfway point between East Atlanta and New Orleans. He has a way with lyrics and produces almost every track that he is heard on, via his production company Dirdy Beatz. One of Kenny’s latest releases is the single “Candy Lady”.

Kenny Thomas has evolved his rap techniques and songwriting and in turn has created a true life-portrait through an eclectic selection of sounds. He has a unique and amazing flow and the dude can just rap there is no question about it. Kenny spits from the heart which is something that for the most part is missing in hip-hop music nowadays especially that of the mainstream genre.

Kenny Thomas
Kenny Thomas

He does have commercial appeal, no doubt, because of the crazy catchy hook in “Candy Lady” but Kenny does not compromise his individuality just to sell records and he is definitely not trying to sound like anyone else either. He does himself and keeps it a hundred percent real on this track, with some sharp and naughty lyrics. There is something about that southern style that just hit’s your eardrums.

Kenny Thomas has been making a clear stamp on the hip-hop community with his music, and “Candy Lady” is no exception. To me it’s really hard to put Kenny in a box, as his music has a lot of elements which some artists try to pull off but can’t do. Maybe it’s just that southern tick he has in his music or the fact that he rides the hell out of the beat. Either way I predict his fan base is going to range a lot larger than your typical hip-hop artist.

Kenny Thomas is musically talented enough and lyrically sound enough to compete with the best of the best.  But his rapping is amazing too – he flows through the music, rather than over it. Given the overall quality and uniqueness of “Candy Lady”, Kenny Thomas will gain a buzz well beyond the south, as a rapper to look out for. And one thing is obvious about this dude’s music: he doesn’t compromise with anyone or anything.


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