Bulgarian rapper, Majestic has his sights set on the world!

Majestic (real name Asen Margaritov) is a twenty-five-year-old Bulgarian music artist, who has spent the majority of his life living across the world – in countries such as Canada, France, England and The Netherlands. Living abroad has enabled him to learn English, French and Russian, with Bulgarian being his mother tongue. The reason why he began with music, four and a half years ago, is simply because his English accent resembles in no way the hard broken one, his fellow Bulgarians use. For this reason, in 2009, when Lilana and Big Sha (two famous Bulgarian artists) released the song “Dime Piece”, featuring world-renowned artist Snoop Dogg, and announcing a competition to the song, Majestic decided to take part.


Although until then Majestic had never once engaged in music, except as a fan, his choice to participate in this contest was simply due to his English accent, knowing that in English he would have no rivals on that level, besides of course Snoop Dogg himself. For the competition, the participants had to write an original verse for the song “Dime Piece”, perform it and upload it on the Internet. Majestic wrote, not one but three verses, further trying to ensure himself of the first place, for which he strived. Out of 5,000 Bulgarian participants in this contest, the top ten were selected by Lilana and Big Sha, while the best three of these ten were selected by Snoop Dogg himself.

Majestic received second place in the competition, for which he wasn’t happy. The first place was given to a Bulgarian rapper, who had been making music for years. Apparently he was chosen due to using the sponsor’s famous coffee brand name in his verses, which were rapped totally in Bulgarian. Coming second though, and having received Snoop Dogg’s approval, was an inspiration to Majestic, who then set out on making hip-hop music.

In Bulgaria he quickly became acquainted with one of the most famous hip-hop artists in the country – Bate Sasho, and they have been working together ever since. Over the years, Majestic has received collaboration offers from other Bulgarian stars and has refused each and every one because his aim is to stay away from the Bulgarian music industry, in order to focus on achieving success on a global scale.

Currently, Majestic is the only Bulgarian artist who has songs that have been featured in mixtapes with world famous artists such as 50 Cent, Drake, Soulja Boy, T.I. , Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, French Montana, Young Jeezy, and others. He records music mostly in English, but also in Bulgarian, and in a project that is set to be released soon, he performs a record in four languages.

No doubt with so many tracks dropped in a little over a year, Majestic has been very busy. Yet with each passing release, Majestic continues to provide exactly what makes him a rapper on the rise: mind-numbing rhyme schemes, ingenious references and allusions that are probably lost on all but his most attentive listeners, beautifully poetic artistry, vivid imagery, impeccable delivery and style, and the inexplicably uplifting, inspirational quality he brings to any track. His efforts like “Never Good Enough”, “System Overload”, “Wind Of Change”, “Sultan” and “Good Luck” are no exception.


Majestic’s lyrics capture your imagination. They are so colorful and he doesn’t just throw out bland lyrics trying to make it from one hook to the next. You can clearly tell he put thought into every song. It never comes across as if he went into the booth and said whatever comes off the top of his head. He probably sits down, thinks of a concept, and puts together a piece. Most of the songs are produced by Rameca Records, while Bate Sasho takes care of the Recording and Mastering. Together this crew is able to supply ambitious and top notch sounds that totally suit Majestic’s flow. The production is uncompromising and steers clear of overworked production trends and overused pop samples. The result is a very cohesive sound that leaves the listener in no doubt, to who the star of the show is – Majestic.

Track for track Majestic delivers and brings realness. He stays true to the essence of hip hop and rap, with its great storytelling traditions, yet at the same time he is not afraid to handle, catchy more commercial pop-orientated hip hop if need be. Ambitious, progressive and experimental are a few words that come to mind when describing Majestic. What more can you ask of a young Bulgarian rapper, who has his sights set on the world!

Check out Majestic’s songs on his YOUTUBE channel.

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