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Jeremy Dean Harrison: “Into the Light” is a very smart, spiritually engaging and multifaceted rock album!

A few months ago Jeremy Dean Harrison released his new solo album, “Into the Light”. The 13-track recording contains a diverse mix of tracks that will have listeners singing along with the memorable lyrics and tapping to the pounding rhythms. I have a lot of favorites but I can’t remember the last time a CD felt this good all throughout; such great songs, all so different and unique with such deep meaning and feeling behind it.

Jeremy-Dean-Harrison-300bClearly Jeremy Dean Harrison comes from a spiritual place and is keen to show us the way there. He does so gently and warmly through a crossover sound, stooped in rock n’ roll, but never shy to borrow from Americana and pop influences.

The listener can only be delighted with a full set of well-crafted and nicely polished songs that are incredibly euphonious, uplifting, and addictive. On top of that, Jeremy Dean Harrison delivers emotional vocals, smart lyrics, and catchy choruses which will appeal to music fans of all ages as his songs avoid vulgarities, blasphemy and sexual innuendo.

On the contrary Harrison blends everything good and positive about music, creating songs that are both current and catchy, while still being complex and touching. I’m amazed by how his songs can also be simultaneously ear-catching melodic, clean, inspirational and achieve a depth that you hardly find on the vast majority of pop-rock albums out today.

Jeremy Dean Harrison
Jeremy Dean Harrison

“Into the Light” was constantly being rotated on my Zune and it’s one of the few albums that I have been listening to on a daily basis. With each listen I found something new to love, or noticed something in the lyrics that wasn’t there before and just fell more in love with Jeremy Dean Harrison. Harrison has such a wonderful way of using words, so intricate and captivating. His songs just give you the feeling of hope and leave you with a strong sentiment of wanting to leave earth a better person. It’s like a healing experience through the precious gift of soul-stirring music.

Through exactly which songs you reach your personal nirvana, is a rather subjective choice. My own favorites include, “Dancing Leaves”, “Smoke And Mirror”, “Here and Now”, “Sunny Hill”, “Tied To A Dream”, “Breath”, “Love Love Love” and “Imagine”. But to be honest the whole record completely surpassed my expectations. It’s beautifully written, filled with emotion, and gorgeously recorded. You never ever have to hit the ‘skip’ button here.

Strong vocals and melodic charm harmonize this album into a great listening experience! Everything just feels so right in each song. Jeremy Dean Harrison brings you up, makes you feel like you can take on the world and is somehow able to do this in a relative mellow, beautiful but energetic way. “Into the Light” is a very smart, spiritually engaging and multifaceted rock album!


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