FUTHAMUCKA$ release incendiary debut single – “Social Disease”

The world we live in is going to hell, and in the face of heightened world tensions and political turmoil, FUTHAMUCKA$ incendiary debut single, “Social Disease” seems necessary and relevant. Edgy both in a musical and lyrical sense, the track may not be creating a new genre, per se, but it certainly propels the blend of nu metal and rap genres to center stage of the scene once again, after its last serious appearance in the mid to late 1990s.

Shai Millie Rome

Considering the fact that FUTHAMUCKA$ come out during an era when politically charged rap is once again creating shockwaves with its messages, FUTHAMUCKA$ music takes equally forceful lyrics and delivers them in a way that only a handful of bands have been willing and able to do throughout history.

FUTHAMUCKA$ sound is defined by many distinct and often unconventional characteristics, and their debut track will set a standard for years to come with what alternative rock rap can do.  Probably the most obvious characteristic that stands out upon listening to “Social Disease” is the grinding guitar work on the track.

Unusual in its complexity and eccentricity, the group brings a sound that arguably no one in the game is going to replicate.  The live instruments is what provides the listener with “Wow!” moments during the track.


Another distinction on this track are the voices and powerful lyrics.  Much like the group’s guitar aptitude, there are numerous instances of lyrics that strike the listener.

Outspoken, the group’s lyrics are strikingly sharp, and regardless of the listener’s outlook, there is no denying the fact that the lyrics are certainly powerful and there is a message being delivered. One other overlooked yet important aspect of the group is the work on the bass too.

Edgy and angry – yet not overbearing – “Social Disease” is a trailblazing track that fuses genres more than it crosses them. Whether the listener agrees with FUTHAMUCKA$ lyrics or not there’s no denying the clout they provide.


The group’s ability to blend rap with rock is exceptional, and although I’ve heard plenty of solid tracks that fuse/blend the rap and rock genres, none have been able to come close to what Shai Millie Rome (rapper, guitarist), LegendTerry (rapper, bassist), G420 (lyricist, singer, multi-instrumentalist) and Tonga (drums, songwriter, singer) do on this single.

The firepower on “Social Disease” is driven by FUTHAMUCKA$’ primal, unmistakable guitar riffs and funky bass licks, as the song exhibits fantastic musical variety and brilliant writing on the band members’ part.

This song shows off the Australian collective at its best; with variety, heaviness, catchiness, and a cutting edge attitude. The smooth booming vocal delivery, is a perfect complement to the aggressively groovy instrumental. FUTHAMUCKA$ are an elite task force of revolutionary musicians determined to confront the mountain of mainstream.


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