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From Dictionaries to Mic: Ksg Viafaith’s Journey to Lyrical Mastery

In the heart of Harlem, NY, a star was born. Jermaine Barnett, known by his stage name Ksg Viafaith, emerged from the vibrant music scene that surrounded him. With local legends like Master Don and the death committee as his companions, it was inevitable that he would find his destiny within the rhythm and rhyme of Hip Hop. As Hip Hop began its rise to popularity, Ksg Viafaith passionately pursued his rap aspirations. Determined to hone his craft, he delved into the depths of dictionaries and encyclopedias, voraciously absorbing words and knowledge. This tireless pursuit transformed him into a lyrical wordsmith, capable of effortlessly blending the streets with poetic prowess.

Drawing inspiration from icons like The Lox, Keith KC, BDP, Big Daddy Kane, and Big L, Ksg Viafaith remains rooted in the rich history of the genre. Yet, he never fails to stay current, constantly evolving with the ever-changing soundscapes of today’s Hip Hop. This ability to bridge the gap between old-school authenticity and contemporary innovation sets him apart as a true artist.

Ksg Viafaith’s influence extends beyond his mic skills. Alongside his brother, he established Sol/Infinity music works back in 1988, a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit. This venture has provided a platform for countless talented individuals and allowed him to cultivate his artistic vision. Additionally, he established KSG NATION, a heartfelt tribute to his late niece, Korryn Gaines, ensuring her legacy lives on through his music.

2023 has already witnessed a slew of remarkable singles from Ksg Viafaith. Tracks like “It’s Not Easy” ft. Poppa J, “Smoke” ft. L.E.S., “Feel Like I’m Chris” featuring Poppa J, and “Shutuppryourface (Smoked Out Version)” ft. Little Timmy Drama showcase the pinnacle of his rap performances. This is no small feat, considering the extensive catalog of releases he boasts.

In these songs, Ksg Viafaith fearlessly experiments with flows, rhythms, and cadences, exuding a confidence unmatched by his peers. Yet, amidst the collaboration with talented artists, he remains firmly grounded, never losing sight of his own artistry. His lyrical prowess shines through, adorned with killer metaphors and similes that leave listeners awestruck.

But it’s not just what Ksg Viafaith says; it’s how effortlessly he says it. His seamless delivery, even when spitting fire, often goes unnoticed. These singles pay homage to the foundations laid by those who came before him, while simultaneously igniting the hunger for what lies ahead.

At the core of Ksg Viafaith’s storytelling lies a deep well of emotions, which he skillfully brings to the forefront. With every carefully crafted wordplay and nuanced vocal tone, he paints vivid pictures in the minds of his audience. He carries the weight of rap’s classic elements into the modern-day game, effortlessly proving his mettle.

A prime example of the rapper’s craft can be found in the track, “Taking No Shorts,” which shows a rapper who is unapologetic, relentless, and determined to claim his rightful place in the rap game. The use of imagery is striking, as he references infrared dots and taking aim, illustrating his readiness to confront any opposition. He warns those who dare to throw dirt on his name that they risk being put in a box or consumed by flames.

In the latter part of the track, Ksg Viafaith addresses his influence on the rap scene. He asserts his experience and authenticity, claiming to have been in the game since his roots in the New York scene. He calls out those who have diluted the essence of the genre, likening them to soulless individuals who lack substance.

The track also takes a poignant turn as Ksg Viafaith reveals his personal struggle, referencing the death of his child and the need to step back from the spotlight. This moment of vulnerability adds depth and humanity to his artistry, reminding listeners of the emotional journey that underlies his music.

Ksg Viafaith is a true maestro, blending the best of Hip Hop’s past and present. His music is a testament to his unwavering dedication, his ability to evolve, and his unrelenting passion for the craft. As he continues to captivate audiences with his unparalleled style and lyrical prowess, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his remarkable journey. Brace yourselves for what lies ahead because Ksg Viafaith is here to stay, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of Hip Hop.


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