Ender Bowen: “Neon Apocalypse” – The writing is superb and the music is full and vibrant

Ender Bowen is a singer-songwriter and producer from Nashville, TN, who has released 3 albums, several Singles and EPs, and a compilation album of his music. Starting out as a drummer, Ender switched to learning and playing the guitar as he wanted to be more involved in the songwriting process.

ender-bowen-na-350“I blend the soaring, big sounds of U2 with the heavier eclecticism of The Smashing Pumpkins, and a dash of electronica thrown in,” says Ender. “Drawing from literary influences such as C.S. Lewis as well as my own two-decades-long journey,” he continues, “I find my music to be easily accessible to people trying to sort out their own destiny and purpose.”

Ender Bowen’s album “Neon Apocalypse” is high quality alternative recording, memorable, lush, addictive, powerful, with anthems and soaring choruses that can shake mountains and swing from the rafters. The writing is superb and the music is full and vibrant.

I suppose it does have a retro vibe, but it’s so much better than that. Bowen delivers passionate, emotional vocals that will send chills up your spine. This album showcases that Ender is more than just a rock fused musician and displays him to be a true believer of melody and harmony infused into his crunchy guitar riffing.

“Neon Apocalypse” showcases Ender Bowen as a headliner, an artist that dominates the tunes. The songs are well produced, but at the same time seem so minimal in a sense. It makes for great, feel good music. The lyrics have always been a strong point for Bowen when he creates and it shows here as well.

ender-bowen-na-coverThese 10 songs are full of emotions. That’s what makes his music so special and memorable. He pours his heart and soul into every track. Everything he sings is sincere and real – from the bouncy opener “Echo Papa”, to the cinematic “ElevenThree”, the acoustic guitar-driven “Valentine”, on to the rocker “Weak”, and the jangly guitar rhythms of “Julia”, the electro-bass pump of “Dogtown”, to what is for me the best track on the album, the riff-ridden “Torture”.

In light of all the hollow songwriting out there, it’s a fresh breath of air to hear something like this recording. With his own distinct sound, Ender Bowen evokes the spirit of the 80s and 90s, but somehow with more weight and meaning.  Bowen is in full-blown alternative mode here and it fits like a glove.

There’s not a single track that feels out of place or unfinished. It’s something you can listen to straight through without your attention drifting or feeling the urge to skip. In an age of looped beats and inane lyrics, “Neon Apocalypse” is a promise that modern music can mix electronic and electric elements and doesn’t have to be mindless drivel enslaved to the party or pop culture to be entertaining.

From start to finish, this album finds Ender Bowen sharpening his alternative rock skills and molding his influences into a sound that is his own.


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