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EMMARIE: “Life is a Metaphor” – It’s fun, upbeat and uplifting!

Her phrasing, mannerisms and tones sound like something that would make Rihanna and Katy Perry jealous.

EMMARIE is an award winning singer, songwriter and entertainer, having performed on stages across the nation from Boston’s Hard Rock Cafe and The House of Blues, to the Apollo Theater in NYC and the BE IT showcase in California. In addition to writing original music, she plays a major role in the production process. EMMARIE’s music teacher, Mrs. Laurie Collins was the spark that ignited her journey by telling EMMARIE’s parents she had something special.

emmarie-300bEMMARIE is also an active anti-bullying advocate and supports events to raise awareness and invoke change. She supports many charities including being a member of The New England Dream Team with Tunes for Tots, which supports children’s charities.

2014 has seen the release of her Indie/Pop EP – Life is a Metaphor. This is an astounding record for a girl as young as EMMARIE. I read somewhere that she was thirteen when writing “Fighting Dragons”, which should make her 15 on the release of this Ep; if my calculations and information is right!

Her lyrics and melodies bring out her fiery passion in every song, and anyone who listens carefully knows she takes her work seriously. Her songs deliver powerful meanings while her music videos for them keep getting better too.

This Ep is charged with straight-ahead, danceable, catchy urban-pop-rock anthems. If you’re in your teens, you’ll probably find something to relate to here. If you’re an adult, this is just straight-up feelgood musical escapism. Like all good crossover pop, this stuff is well-produced, while maintaining an edginess and rock-flavored riffs.


Without a doubt the standout track and one of my favorite songs on the album is “Still Fighting Dragons”. Here is where we see EMMARIE‘s possible future as an excellent songwriter and successful pop star. The chorus and bridge to this track is what really took me by surprise and endeared me to this song. Her phrasing, mannerisms and tones sound like something that would make Rihanna and Katy Perry jealous.

Another enchanting song is, “Go Big or Go Home”. EMMARIE sings it so well and she hits some amazing notes and harmonies all throughout. It’s fun, upbeat and uplifting. “Game Over” ventures into the electronic music arena, with tons of sound effects and changing tempos.

I am kind of surprised by how much I actually liked Life is a Metaphor. It is a great dance, pop-rock album. EMMARIE carries a tune well, and has a good ear and musicianship that some artists twice her age are lacking. It’s clear that with each consecutive project, she will reach a new level as an entertainer and songwriter, until she eventually gets where she wants be. Luckily for her, she has all the time in the world!



Official website : www.emmarieofficial.com

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