Dominic Roith – “Memories The Access” stands out as a sleek listening experience!

Dominic Roith, the producer and label CEO of ROITH Records, started producing music in 2019 and is now on the road from UK rap to dance and EDM music. He started to learn the guitar at the age of 13, followed by the saxophone and piano. At 19 he started to record his first songs with his own equipment before eventually turning out successful songs, leading him to launch his own independent record label. As such, he has turned his hobby into a profession, and now hits us with his latest 11 track album, “Memories The Access.

The new album features a collection of unbelievable material, which together really make a statement that Dominic Roith is a perfectionist at his work and has really set the standard and has all the qualities to make his mark as one of the upcoming kings of groovy electronic dance music.

“Memories The Access has several tracks that are capable of bringing back that sense of wonder that you felt when you first experienced the joy that is dance music. Whether you’re a die-hard EDM fan or you’re listening to this music for the first time, you can’t help but acknowledge “Memories The Access as being undeniable for what it is.

It is an iconic collection of 21st-century dance music, leaning on the funky Daft Punk aesthetic from their classic 2013 “Random Access Memories” template. The jangling guitars and swinging rhythms are so expansive and far-reaching they outgrow their very genre.

Not only does “Memories The Access serve as a defining document in Dominic Roith’s fresh, concise and unexpectedly rich and varied catalog, but it stands as a totemic release of post-Daft Punk dancefloor groove.

Especially the momentum-pushing single “Let Me Dance” with it’s the choppy Motown-like guitar riffs and shifting funk refrains. The album is a complex genre-defying magic carpet ride through a whirlpool of emotions, sounds and rhythms.

Dominic Roith boldly cuts, chops and changes, his rhythms in mid-track, introducing classic samples and sounds that will wow you. This is extremely impacting on “Feel The Music” and “Can You Feel It”.

All of which bring a strong nostalgia of the disco era to the album. If you like vocals melodies included in your dance tracks, then turn onto “Memories / Move On” ft. Eveline Blum, and “We Are The Greatest” ft. Maci Misfortune.

“Memories The Access is a bold and exuberant album, a wild odyssey across EDM soundscapes, laced with jagged and creative pieces of terrain, like “Love”, “Smoke Every Day”, as well as the haunting “Mystery” and “Mystery Pt.2”. My favorite track on the entire album is “All I Want Is”. Its straightforward funky instrumental groove will have you tapping your feet and nodding your head in no time.

Within seconds, “Memories The Access stands out as a sleek listening experience. It captivates with its sophisticated instrumentation, and in many ways, it absolutely delivers. The entire album is catchy will keep you hooked from start to finish. Dominic Roith brings his own special brand of elements to the songs, which makes each track unique.


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