Dennis Sy: “Life is What You Make It”- an intelligent and nuanced artist

Dennis Sy is an award-winning, multi-genre singer and BMI songwriter, as well as GRAMMY-winning producer (for the album PRESIDENTIAL SUITE: EIGHT VARIATIONS ON FREEDOM by Ted Nash at the 59th Grammy Awards 2016). Songs from his 3rd solo album STRONGER THAN BEFORE have garnered multiple nominations and awards. Sy has also collaborated with other Grammy members and has performed on many important stages. Currently on a roll Dennis has been involved in a number of projects including writing and performing the official soundtrack song for “Life is What You Make It” – a short documentary written, produced and directed by Jhett Tolentino about his life from the slums in the Philippines to Broadway.

Dennis Sy is a brilliant songwriter and a fabulous musician. It’s a shame artists like him continue to take a backseat to the mostly heartless and soulless music that permeates our airwaves. His style is definitely Adult Contemporary here but it’s the kind that any true music fan can not only appreciate but it just may become a big part of your musical rotation for a long time to come. All of Sy’s music is worth owning and listening to over and over again, as he is an intelligent and nuanced artist whose music actually overrides the zest for sticking to particular genres.

It’s nice to enjoy a song that is just plain uplifting with great piano and a fantastic band playing perfectly on a song with inspiring lyrics and a heartwarming melody. If you enjoy a touch of pop mixed with a sprinkle of rock and you have a free spirit, this one is truly for you. I played this song several times and I have yet to tire of Dennis Sy’s voice, he always matches the empathy of whatever song he sings, whether that be joy or sorrow, and succeeds in doing the same on “Life is What You Make It”.

Dennis Sy has been wowing us with his combination of observational genius wit and overwhelming musical prowess for some time now.  Here he turns his songwriting prowess to explore the idealized vision of a better life and how to achieve that vision. It is a beautifully crafted narrative that Sy unravels with thoughtful insight. Hence “Life is What You Make It” is a song that not only grabs the listener with a catchy melody and hooks but also opens its bountiful treasures to those who are willing to sit back and pay attention to what Dennis Sy has to say.


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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