Claudette Lyons & Gianluca Zanna: Crafting Groove with ‘We Are Our Thoughts’

In the enthralling realms of electronic dance music, the synergy between Gianluca Zanna, a naturalized American songwriter and music producer hailing from Italy, and the captivating artist and singer Claudette Lyons, forms the resonant nucleus of the hypnotic duo “Love in Sedona.” It’s a tale woven from the virtual threads of fate on Facebook, their paths converging at the outset of 2023, drawn together by a profound resonance fueled by their mutual adoration for music. Despite the proximity of three hours within the scenic expanse of Sedona, Arizona, Gianluca and Claudette embarked on an extraordinary voyage, not just of musical exploration but of profound creative synergy and love. Their endeavor, marked by the creation of mesmerizing tunes, is a blend of ethereal melodies and the profound influence of their shared profession as hypnotherapists. Each production they sculpt is an amalgamation of unforgettable, catchy harmonies intertwined with empowering lyrics, crafted on hypnotic sequences that seek to embolden and elevate their listeners.

Their debut success, “Love in Sedona,” released in June 2023, served as an ode to their love story, a vibrant electronic dance anthem seamlessly interweaved with authentic ambient sounds drawn from the captivating nature of Sedona, Arizona. The masterful touch of multiplatinum music producer Brian Reeves in the mixing console further amplified its allure, propelling it to over 130,000 streams on Spotify within a few weeks of its unveiling.

Now, unveiling their latest musical masterpiece is Gianluca Zanna with the poignant single, “We Are Our Thoughts.” The musical prowess of Gianluca and Claudette shines brilliantly within this composition, with Andrei Murariu lending his arrangement skills and Brian Reeves mastering the track to pristine perfection under Gianluca Zanna’s production for

Right from the onset, the refinement in sound is palpable, leaving a remarkable impression. The robust and resonating bass line, whilst coursing through your being, harmoniously interplays with Claudette Lyons’ mellifluous vocals, enhancing the exquisite melody. Gianluca Zanna orchestrates a riveting auditory journey, propelling the track forward with pulsating drumlines while weaving expansive synth sounds across its tapestry.

The expanse and richness of sound within “We Are Our Thoughts” epitomize Gianluca Zanna’s virtuosity in sound design. The strategic placement of instruments, coupled with an invigorating low-end, creates an immersive sonic experience. The song’s tonal dynamics, oscillating between highs and lows, beautifully paint a vibrant audio canvas against a backdrop of an unwavering beat, drawing the listener into its mesmerizing depths.

This composition transcends the stereotype that dance music is devoid of soul or vitality. “We Are Our Thoughts” embodies rhythm and melody in perfect symbiosis, establishing its place as an indispensable addition to every aficionado’s collection. Its allure is both immediate and enduring, promising to captivate audiences not just for months to come, but far beyond.

In tandem with the magnetic allure of the music, the lyrics of “We Are Our Thoughts” add a contemplative dimension, echoing themes of self-reflection and empowerment. The repetition of the refrain “We are our thoughts, we are our dreams, we can be who we want to be, just let it be,” combined with the hypnotic countdown in the bridge, invites introspection. The verses, urging the listener to clear their mind and look within, underscore the transformative power of thoughts in shaping one’s reality.

In essence, Gianluca Zanna and Claudette Lyons have crafted a mesmerizing opus that seamlessly merges musical enchantment with the potency of introspection. “We Are Our Thoughts” stands tall as a testament to their collaborative prowess, leaving an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape.


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