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Charly & The Characters: “Don’t Know Don’t Care” heats up the speakers!

“Don’t Know Don’t Care” is the new single from Los Angeles based musical artist Charly & The Characters. This isn’t the first time the writer, producer and director of the music video for the inclusive gay rights video, Zoé Pelloux, has partnered with Charly. The two artists have worked together before on Charly’s first viral music video “What’s Next?”, and their professional chemistry extends to their personal life, Charly and Zoé are engaged. The single is about Charly’s experience coming out as a bisexual, which first occurred on meeting Zoé. Charly writes ambitiously intricate stories because she’s living one. Her songs are mature and introspective, and reaches new heights on “Don’t Know Don’t Care” as she explores a clear-cut perspective of her life.

Zoe Pelloux

Helping her through this coming out of sorts, on this new single release, is a fine bunch of musicians, collectively known as The Characters, hence the moniker Charly & The Characters. Regardless of the season, the driving Indie Pop-Rock of the Charly & The Characters should heat up speakers, with a sugary melody and energetic guitars making for an exciting release.

With one foot in the 90’s and one in 2019, and both eyes looking forward, it’s hard to know if the track’s title will hold true for everybody, but the smart lyrics reveal deep-thinking insights that might keep all prognosticators guessing.

Charly is certain about how she feels, and she knows how to express it too. The band members, bring their jangly music out of the garage, offering a catchier side of folk-rock influences, while the vocals add some of the sweetness.

The vocals simply set the mood as the echoing words sound like her subconscious, her bandmates accepting her excitement before she does. Charly really does sing about more than finding a new love, and the band knows how to follow. As does Zoé Pelloux’s visuals which recreate parallel narrative with the black and white imagery and the colorful cartoon characters.

Charly & The Characters

Charly & The Characters provide the energy and even the humor for it. All of that which is present on “Don’t Know Don’t Care”, can be addressed by ordered lyrics with a touch of light-handed self-reflection. And it can be further expressed by guitars and pounded drums.

To Charly and her bandmates, the future looks a little less scary, and a lot more hopeful after finding love. Ultimately, Charly & The Characters play pop music with rock undertones; or possibly rock music with pop undertones. But it’s all here in this song: hooks to burn, superb musicianship, passionate vocals, and a ton of self-discovering lyrics with cavernous insight, and a fiery guitar solo.

The band’s engine room rocks; Charly’s vocals have a folk tune richness; and that guitar fills in every vacant moment with power and fluid melody. “Don’t Know Don’t Care” is a sonic vignette, and a noble confession that is worthy of applause. Finding those elements all together in one song, is a rarity nowadays. No hype intended!


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