Bryan C. Simmons – “Nature’s Harmony Vol. 1” – an audible piece of mesmerizing art!

Bryan C. Simmons releases a richly blended album of jazz-influenced hip-hop and electronic fusion. “Nature’s Harmony Vol. 1” takes its cue from a diverse range of influences but focuses on steady rhythms, deep textural ambience, and nature sounds, adding up to a sophisticated lounge-style spiritual healing experience that translates equally as well to big room listening as it does to headphone scrutiny. Simmons never sticks to a tried-and-tested formula and there are many subtle surprises to be found on this 7-track recording, where each musical piece is accomplished and gorgeously sultry. Bryan C. Simmons creates instrumental music from a decidedly different perspective.

The Vallejo, California born artist is simply in a league of his own, handily proving this point again and again, throughout “Nature’s Harmony Vol. 1”. For over ten years now, Bryan C. Simmons has made a name for himself as an accomplished professional keyboardist in demand.

One of the major highlights of his career includes being on a world tour with three-time Grammy Award-winning artist Fantastic Negrito in 2018 and 2019, playing at several sold-out festivals at both national and international levels.

Bryan C. Simmons ears are heavily attuned to his craft, as he excels at creating diverse, gliding and grooving music – quirky, catchy, and wonderfully unconventional. The project opens with the shuffling warm radiance of “Cloudy Blue”.

The song has a natural and organic, if not indeed effortless feel, which leads us into the dynamic drumming and rolling piano lines of “Light Jog” and “A Walk Through Nature”. Simmons’ kaleidoscopic blend of cosmic and organic sounds are totally rewarding, as it draws you out of the rushing everyday into somewhere far more serene.

The sonic journey Bryan C. Simmons takes you on is never predictable and is almost always inspiring and cutting edge. “Mosswood” continues to exult the propelling percussion and the resonant piano, while “Sunshine Gardens (On a Plane to NYC)” has a slow-burning but slapping drumbeat, which underscores the densely embracing keys.

It creates a deep thumping ambiance that plays with the senses and warms up listeners’ hearts. “Blossom (Japan)” ups the pace, while also managing to arouse deep emotions, with its eerie keys and rumbling basslines.

“Fungus (Seven Five)” maintains the steady momentum while adding twisting keys to the template, before breaking down into a field recording. The track is so steeped in an optimistic and beautiful atmosphere that it practically reaches through your stereo speakers and into your mindset.

All throughout this project, Bryan C. Simmons’ hypnotic grooves breathe fresh air into the genre by pairing his atmospheric and keyboard-driven sounds with dynamic percussion. Simmons builds his songs with a cool, measured precision, as one might expect from someone with his experience.

Bryan C. Simmons’ has built this project on sounds that cut straight through the part of your brain that wants to contemplate the sensory input it’s receiving. Simmons brilliantly executes each song, never losing the essence of what makes the track enjoyable in the first place. He takes the sonic sublimity of each track and makes it even more alluring, offering a beautifully curated walk through his inspirations.

Talking about the album, Bryan C. Simmons explained: “It’s a reflection of how nature helped me through the Covid years. Countless dope hikes and discovering new National Parks throughout California helped inspire this body of work.” On “Nature’s Harmony Vol. 1”, he certainly accomplished what his inspirations set him out to do. The music feels like an audible piece of mesmerizing art.


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