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Blakkice aims for big themes on “Girls and Money”!

Blakkice is a popular hometown artist from Jamaica who writes his own lyrics, and hangs with the legendary Luciano and Beenie man. He is getting ready to drop his newest track called “All I Know”, which is set to drop in early February. In the meantime caught up with his smashing banger – “Girls and Money”. Blakkice aims for big themes on Dancehall. The very first sounds you hear are synth chords so rich and full you want to wrap yourself up in them like a very expensive coat. The bass throughout is among the heaviest you’ll hear on any record this year, yet it never sounds ugly or rough. Even at its most forceful, the Blakkice’s music never bangs you over the head; it’s enveloping, like a massive wave.

The song rolls out a boom-ticking drum beat and drapes it in sumptuous synths and pulsing basslines. Blakkice breaks into the track with resonating gravelly baritone, imposing his fiery flow on the ass-shaking soundscape.

You can make out the structure of the songwriting from a mile away: First comes the pensive intro; then the drop, and a surging build, spinning the track around in euphoric loops.

This is music tailored for the main stages at music festivals and dancefloors shaking with moving bodies in the pursuit of big moments, where only the punchiest, boomiest, most obviously emotive sounds are accommodated.

This is Dancehall’s sonics which evoke the sound and feel of the big room experience, with low-end that threatens to blowout the bass cabinets, and overdriven mids that push their way to the forefront.

It’s all powerful, especially when combined with the rafter-shaking, booty-beating grooves of the rhythm section, and Blackkice killing it on the mic.

His broad vocal prowess is on full display and constructs an anthem that leaves the listener with a finger on repeat.  Blackkice’s original and engaging style displays his years of experience and cements his credentials in the genre. He has a raw passion and feeling in his voice, which can be heard on this song.

It’s hard not to root for a musician who sounds fundamental in keeping a genre in vogue. His origins give him a unique insight into his choice of music style, which proudly puts on display here. It’s a record that appeals more to the club market than the mainstream, while Blackkice’s ability overrides his ambition.

Fans of throbbing club anthems are well served, and the song’s combination of reggae flair and dancehall anarchy provide a slick and enjoyable listen. If you’re in search of a surly beat and rhythm, you won’t be disappointed.

All-round “Girls and Money” possesses the elements of a dance floor hit, with a deep bass setting the tone for its listener to groove on. Numerous things have to mesh together to create a great song, and in the case of “Girls and Money” they’re all meshing here, to make it an extremely catchy song.


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