The Chrissie Romano Band: “Photo” – dynamic and exhilarating!

Hailing from Rochester, NY, The Chrissie Romano Band evolved from a desire to not only create original tunes but to rekindle the musical relationship between John Pasquarella (Drums/Vocals),  Ken Romano (Bass/Vocals) and Chrissie Romano (Guitar/Vocals) that began several years ago. Rolling down the track list of their album “Photo” the connection with the lyrics is a connection with your head. The connection with the beauty of the music is a connection with your heart.

The essential instrumentals free of surplus radio-induced fat, and vocals complement each other impeccably, while the harmonization is a thing of beauty. It is both inspiring and nostalgic, strong and wistful. The gorgeous clean and crisp guitars, resonating basslines and snappy tasteful drumming produce a continuous flow and a series of heartfelt, catchy melodies.

“Photo” contains plenty of gorgeous lyrics and a handful of genuinely tender moments, though never too sappy or melodramatic in any way. The music is able to resonate with more than just one generation. The 9 songs are delivered with such integrity and honesty to be listenable to people of many different musical tastes.

This album is so cohesive and has such a great feeling about it. It doesn’t lose any impact on repeated listening at all. One song will hook you in, another will hold you there. It difficult to place this album into any one musical box – from folk to pop, except maybe for the “alternative” label. In that The Chrissie Romano Band can be seen as the “alternative” to all things we consider negative in today’s music scene.

Very rarely, especially in today’s era of music dominated by record companies looking only for singles, do you find an album that is good from start to finish. The Chrissie Romano Band have achieved that. But this record is better than good; it’s great. An album that serves as a reflection on life, on love, on friendship, on loss, and on time, you will love this record. It is nearly perfect.

I love all the songs, and can listen to them again and again. However, the choruses on “What About Her?”; the basslines on “Stay”; the guitar strumming on “Bittersweet and Unkind”; the drumming on “Broke Mine”, and the lead vocals on “Morgan’s Song”, these are the most impressive memories I took away with me after listening to the album “Photo”.

I certainly feel like this album does what music is intended to do, and that is completely submerge one into what the artist is saying. “Photo” is not only a terrific album, it’s one that creates an unshakeable impression immediately at the outset, a series of songs that stir the senses and soothe them at the same time.

The Chrissie Romano Band have what it takes to ascend to the highest realms of the alt-pop and indie-folk hierarchy. It’s a status they richly deserve, not because of any hype or happenstance, but because they create a sound so dynamic and exhilarating, that it thrusts itself forward and makes the music impossible to ignore.


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